The Walking Topic XXVII: The Posting Dead

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User Info: Cloudslash

4 years ago#1
I'm about to head to work and the previous topic is fairly close to 500, so yeah, getting a head start this time.

Still loving Magna Carta 2 btw :)
"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." - Tales of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World

User Info: Davzz

4 years ago#2
DmC final thoughts:
Well, I suppose we'll start with the gameplay, though I don't really have nothing much to add here that I don't think someone else with much more experience in the genre can say, so here are my thoughts!

- The game IS fun, but as an analogy, it's fun in the Konami brawler game sort of way rather than Capcom's D&D brawler series sort of way. SOME depth, but not really enough to justify playing the game multiple times on different difficulty.

Though maybe that Konami brawler comparison is a bit too extreme. What's the best of their brawlers anyway, Turtles Arcade? Use that as the comparison.

- Platforming blows. Thankfully they made the penalty super lenient because if I had to restart the level because I boosted too far or can't tell how much distance I have to cover before using the Belmont whip and fell down a pit, I would probably ragequit the game.

- Another reason why I'm not coming back to the game is because the CONSTANT cutscenes and the loading that entails completely break up the flow of the gameplay. On a first playthrough, you don't really care since you're watching these for the first time, but they get really grating on replays.

This is not helped by cutscenes themselves, many of which are really not enjoyable, but I'll come back to them later.

- Boss fights are lame. Just about every boss does this really obvious and slow wide sweeps, pauses for a while to expose a spot that makes them stunned and allows you to beat them up for a while, plays some kind of cutscene that breaks the flow, rinse and repeat.

It's like they were designing boss fights for a terrible Sonic game, not DmC... oh wait, now that's what the platforming sections remind me of! Sonic 2006. Well that sure makes DmC look ultra great now.

I think the only boss fight that feels like it should be in DmC is the last one... and I'm probably not going to give the designers any credit because they took most of it from DMC3 and manage to make it worse by putting in pointless cutscenes. Brilliant.

- Speaking of enemies, they all also have really huge slow swings/obvious tells which makes them rather unthreatening. Heck, they don't even try to gang up on you or anything, usually they just stand around until one of them is like "Oh yeah, maybe I should try to attack now, just give me a minute, I got to hold my arm way back first"

Jebus, Dynasty Warrior's grunts does the same "wait around" thing too, but AT LEAST when those guys finally work up the balls to attack the player it's usually a very surprising quick lunge that usually knocks the player off balance and poses an actual threat if there's a enemy commander around to juggle you!

I mean, what, were the demons underpaid, or maybe Larry the demon had an argument with his girlfriend the previous night and now he's just too unmotivated to do his job?

And a lot of enemies have obnoxious "shield" mechanics to them. Mostly this is a problem due to the lack of lock-on meaning you can't reliably take care of "bigger" threats in battle (usually the shielded enemies) first before taking out the trash.

Colour-coded enemies are probably the lamest of the "shield" bunch for a variety of reasons

1) Really, red dudes can only be hurt by demon weapons and blue dudes by angel weapons? That is the most videogamey immersion breaking thing ever (note: this sentence is hyperbole for the sake of comedy)

2) Seeing as how the DMC series has always made "you can work in multiple weapons into your combos" as a selling point, those enemies kind of ruin that part by limiting you to one weapon per combo

(technically 2 weapons, but it's extremely awkward to try to switch weapons using the D-Pad mid-combo)

Coming up next... the rest of the game!

(Oh boy!)
"Don't blame me, blame yourself or the RNG."

User Info: Cloudslash

4 years ago#3
I wasn't planning on getting DmC anyways. It's a dumb title for a game, I don't have the money when I'm anticipating a lot of other games at the moment, most of the reviews I'm hearing are about the same as Davzz's and place it above maybe DMC2, but worse than the rest of the series, and I'm getting to the point where I very nearly want to destroy reboots on site with extreme prejudice anyways.

That and the Devil May Cry series has been a mixed bag for me anyways. DMC1 was good, DMC2 was crap, DMC3 was... probably a good game overall, but ridiculously difficult even on the easiest settings, and DMC4 is... uh... actually I think it might be the best since the first one, but I haven't finished it, and I have a feeling most people will cry blasphemy anyways since that goes against either DMC1 or 3 being the traditional best, so I'll hold my judgment for now. So yeah, not horrible, but not gonna get me excited for a new entry either.

Granted, I haven't actually PLAYED the game, so for all I know it's better than free sex, I'm just saying I have no intention to purchase it at this point for these reasons. Maybe that'll change a year from now when it's $15 new and if history has shown it to be a solid game?
"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." - Tales of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World

User Info: azaisdaking

4 years ago#4
In all honesty; I've had more fun with DMC than just about any game I've tried in the last year. I think it's fantastic, and sits just behind DMC3 as my favourite in the series. I mean, it's a very different experience than DMC3, and it kind of feels like if the traditional DMC gameplay was meshed with the kind of gameplay Ninja Theory they were shooting for (but didn't quite succeed at) in Enslaved. But it turns out that's something I'm totally down for. While it doesn't reach the same heights when it comes to the actual fighting, I think it might just be better in just about every other regard. Especially when it comes to visuals.

That's my 2c.
I do a podcast with some guy. Feel free to listen.

User Info: nofxnofx

4 years ago#5
Thanks for the impressions Davzz, I won't be getting the game any time soon but I do plan to play it later this year.

Theatrhythm is still in heavy rotation. I have now S ranked all of Basic and Expert and I am working on running the chaos shrine with a set of level 20ish characters. I am going to use them exclusively in the chaos shrine so that I can unlock a large number of mid level charts to use for character farming. I need to work on a set of level 99 strength based character with some healing thrown in so that I can take some damage in the 99 charts.

In Tales of the Abyss I am towards the end of what I think is the second act. I have just spoilers:

Placed the tartarus in the core, and I am now lowering everything.

User Info: Thryhring

4 years ago#6
^There's an actual spoiler tag now, type <spoiler*>enter spoilers here</spoiler*> without the asterisks.

Anyway, I'm up to World 5 in NSMBU now. Man is it pretty.

I just found this out(would have been nice if they told you this at some point), but I was under the impression that because I was playing single-player I couldn't use the gampad's touchscreen to create temporary platforms(up to four I believe), which I had seen done in demos and such. But apparently you can go into the options and enable it even in single-player.

It seems like that would be extremely useful, because just like in other NSMB games, there's quite a few star coins in tricky spots. A lot of these are made easy with the multiplayer ability to bubble yourself if you're falling into a pit(for those unfamiliar with NSMBW, when playing cooperatively you can press a button and your guy will be encased in a bubble, which you can guide to the other players who can pop it and get you back in the game -- a sorta cheesy way to save lives but it makes up for the fact that you're bouncing off the heads of every other playing and killing them accidentally. :P). But without it they can be kind of tough to get unless you have the right power up.

So being able to conjure a couple of platforms anywhere by touching the gamepad is pretty nifty.

Content-wise it's looking to be about on par with the other games in the series; a short 5 hours or so if you're just playing to finish, but getting all the star coins to open up the additional levels will add maybe a few extra hours.

There's not a ton of new powers(something that always disappoints me, and would be nice in NSMB games so they don't feel so same-y), but the squirrel glider outfit or what it's called is nifty even if it is just another kind of Tanooki suit that lacks the tail attack but can cling to walls. There's a random event that pops up sometimes when you leave a stage, where a rabbit thief called a Nabbit appears in a level and you can go there and chase him down. When/if you catch him you're rewarding with a P version of the glider power which lets you fly infinitely and is basically a win button for most levels, or so it seems so far.

There's also the baby yoshis(and the traditional yoshi is here too of course), of which there are a couple with their own unique powers. One balloons up and launches you skyward, letting you float down. Another lights up dark caves which as you can imagine is very situational. Another shoots bubbles which is quite nifty -- enemies caught in it turn into coins/powerups and you can use them to jump off of. It's kind of annoying that you have to hold Y to hold on to them though.

The backgrounds are gorgeous. There's lots of neat little touches, one of my favorites is that when you're carrying a baby yoshi they sing along to the music, which is adorable. :P One thing that I don't really like is the themes of the worlds. There's got to be something more interesting they can do now than the typical desert, mountain, ice, water, forest, cloud and grass worlds... they may be pretty but they're a bit lacking in creativity. At least the level design is still good, but with so many NSMB games now available it's hard to shake the feeling that you've almost certainly played something just like this before.

Anyway, I'm still having fun with it. Though I guess I'd rather be playing a more original Mario game. I guess that's why I loved SM3DL so much -- I thought it felt quite fresh, with some levels that played more like the 2d sidescrolling ones and some that were like miniature versions of 64's more explorable levels.

User Info: Cloudslash

4 years ago#7
Still loving Magna Carta 2, although I might start taking it easy with side-quests. They're actually surprisingly fun in this game, but I'm a bit overleveled now... the average enemy in Oldfox Canyon is level 13 or 14, while Argo and Crocell are 15 with Juto and Zephie at 16. Even the most recent boss Astaroth didn't pose much of a threat.

On a totally different note, JYB, Yuri Lowenthal, and Jameson Price are doing an excellent job with their roles (especially Yuri, I can tell just by listening to him that he had a blast with Crocell's jerkface attitude XD), and once again I'm (not) shocked to hear Laura Bailey behind yet another mind-glowingly seductive voice... but Michelle Ruff is really slumming it. Well I mean, she's doing a passable job I guess, but little more, and considering how naturally melodic her voice is, it's amazing how monotone she still gets Zephie to sound. Which might still be ok if she were a less important character, but so far she's second only to Juto in terms of screentime, and may have the most lines out of anyone in the game. I kinda wish they'd switched her with Melissa's VA Wendee Lee, as she has a much broader vocal range and from what I've seen in other games and anime, seems to be a much more talented actress overall, and thus better suited for such a heavy role. Ok granted Wendee Lee already has a resume 10 miles long, but still <.<;;

But yeah. This has been quite a welcome surprise thus far ^_^
"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." - Tales of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World

User Info: CreekCo

4 years ago#8
I've been eying Magna Carta 2 for a while now in my unplayed games cache. So, it has a great early game? If so, maybe I'll check it out next. Also Cloudie -- you read that situation the same way I did (sports psycho).

@Arc: The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We don't really have a lot of trolls around here b/c we collectively won't accept that behavior. Sorry if it seemed like I went in really fast -- I try to be rather laid back but I'm personally a directly aggressive person. Some people run away from trouble... some people run towards it.
Overwatch. -- X-Com: EU

User Info: kimimi

4 years ago#9
Apparently Project X Zone is getting a PAL release.

Edit: Oh wait, and a US one too! Yays for everyone!

User Info: CreekCo

4 years ago#10
kimimi posted...
Apparently Project X Zone is getting a PAL release.

Edit: Oh wait, and a US one too! Yays for everyone!

Wow -- it is? That's pretty cool. I thought it would never see the light of day over here.
Overwatch. -- X-Com: EU
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