The Walking Topic XXVII: The Posting Dead

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User Info: bodrock

4 years ago#351
Horith posted...
bodrock - Yeah, I generally pair up everyone except Lissa and two or three random characters, just so I can make a half-decent wall if I need it. I really don't like the loss of versatility and mobility of my entire force, but the stat bonuses are basically required unless you're playing on Normal, it seems.

How are you going to do your marriages? I'm going to pair Chrom with Sumia, mostly because I'm kinda eh on Sully, Maribelle doesn't really seem like his type, and Olivia would be a pain. Plus they compliment each other very well so far. Haven't decided on anyone else, though maybe Cordelia for my Avatar.

I was wondering how others were not pairing up and able to stand alone! But although my FE-experience is very limited, SRPGs are my thing so I had to go with Hard. Going Classic was simply to add a bit more risk, even if I reset as soon as a unit dies.....but that may change if the maps get more difficult. However, I'm enjoying the gameplay so much I haven't minded redoing anything!

I'll probably do Chrom & Sumia, too -- I like them together. As for "Bodrock the Talented Tactician" (LOL), I'm not sure of Ch4, no one for him to settle down with. ;)

User Info: Kashell Triumph

Kashell Triumph
4 years ago#352
Man what a week. @.@
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User Info: Cloudslash

4 years ago#353
And so today my long streak of not finishing Elder Scrolls games, which started back in 2003, comes to an end. Ten years man... whoa.

Which is to say I finished the main quest in Skyrim.

Was... a bit on the anticlimactic side. The final dungeon wasn't very long (which I'm actually thankful for), and the final boss didn't even come close to killing me even though I was only level 16. Not much of an ending either, not even a courtesy roll of the credits. Still... I suppose that's to be expected of a sandbox/open world game like this, so I'm oddly not THAT disappointed.

So I give it a really solid 8.5/10. Would be 9/10 if not for the fact that my game froze on me like 3 - 4 times in the nearly 30 hours I put into it before finishing it.

Considering that I never played far into Fallout 3 or New Vegas, are those games better about not freezing and such? I never got far in 3, and New Vegas was amazingly stable for the 10 hours or so I put into it considering what I'd heard to the contrary, but I figure it pays to ask anyways.
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User Info: Tethealla

4 years ago#354
Lost 5-6 hours of FFV progress today. Seems my emulator will save every game except this one. Good chunk of my day down the drain. I was hoping to beat it this time, but I guess I'm just not meant to.

On a brighter note, managed to tame a Toko in NNK. Wasn't even trying, just wanted to level newly evolved tier 3 monsters. It takes 14.4k XP to get to Lv 2. It better be amazing.
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User Info: Darkstalker_CvS

4 years ago#355
I think I have my first groupie.

I'm not sure what to make of this.
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User Info: Davzz

4 years ago#356
So in the "wut" department today...

Apparently they've ported Darkstalkers 3 to PSN/Xbox Live as "Darkstalkers Resurrection" and one of the things they did was draw new official full body art for everyone.

So anyway while the full art was revealed on Capcom's blog as a teaser before release, apparently the actual game went ahead and censored several of the pieces and I'll give you three guesses who they were and the first two don't count

So here's Felicia's original revealed art...

And this is the "censored" version

Was the ERSB getting pissy or something that day? Felicia's still completely nude but I just love the completely lazy way of having a cat jump and cover up her ass shot there (GameFAQs post censor ruined the joke I was going to put in here.), it's hilarious.

Censorship is dumb.

Apparently they censored Morrigan too, but no one has uploaded a comparison yet but given their standards I'm guessing they made a giant bat fly in front of her boobs or something.

Anyway I still find it funny that Darkstalkers haven't had a new game since 3 and yet those two characters are still a constant shoe-in as number 1 top priority for Capcom's crossover games. Also, was there ever any competitive scene for Darkstalkers 3?
"Don't blame me, blame yourself or the RNG."

User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#357
From: Cloudslash | #353

Fallout 3

I played this... on PS3. Was a bad idea.

Among the glitchiest games I've ever played. Didn't crash though; it was just inherently broken all the time.

From: Davzz | #356

******' lol.

User Info: CreekCo

4 years ago#358
Darkstalker_CvS posted...
I think I have my first groupie.

I'm not sure what to make of this.

Darkstalker_CvS has leveled up!

- Charisma +5
- Mentality +5

You've gained an extra accessory slot.
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User Info: JunpeiIori

4 years ago#359
Tethealla posted...
On a brighter note, managed to tame a Toko in NNK. Wasn't even trying, just wanted to level newly evolved tier 3 monsters. It takes 14.4k XP to get to Lv 2. It better be amazing.

Tokos are good mages but they're a little underwhelming for the amount of effort they take to level up. If you're going to use it, I suggest making sure the Toko you have is either a Double Star or a Double Planet. At least then, you're not left with a lesser Toko. You're not going to want to raise another one because Toko only has 5 levels in his first form and from level 4-5 takes over 100,000 exp.

I finally managed to get the ability to fly; so what did I do? Immediately went Tokotoko farming. Glorious! Finally maxed out those tier 2 monsters and got them into fighting shape in tier 3.

Oh, and I went and caught a Dinoceros...on my first attempt. I maxed out his first form and he actually GAINED attack when resetting to level 1 in his second form. Dude is going to be crazy powerful.
PSN / XBL: JunpeiIori
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User Info: Cloudslash

4 years ago#360
Playing Bethesda games on a PS3 seems like a bad idea in general; seems like those are always the glitchiest versions of their games.

Anyhoo, picked up my preorder of Fire Emblem: Awakening today, and mostly enjoying it so far. The new pair-up feature is quite nice, and the story itself is enjoyable despite the... odd translation. It's the sort of gods blasted translation that you'd expect from one of those Nintendo dastards who had to censor all the ducking dialogue, but didn't even try to cover up the cursing to the point where you wonder why in the bell they even bothered (ok I made the last two up... but only the last two). I mean, it's a Teen rated game already, who cares at that point? What is this, 1993?

Not to mention I'm getting sick of hearing the phrase "gods" like an exclamation swear or something. I don't know if that's from an internet meme (I have noticed it is a very popular phrase on video game message boards), or just censorship, but either way, I wish developers/translators would stop using it, as either reason is stupid. Even if Fire Emblem's universe can technically support it, it just doesn't sound... uh, natural in modern English. Very ye olde tyme English I could maybe see, but this no.

Although this is hardly the only game guilty of this recently, so this is less me harping on FE and more translators/writers in general.

That and it seems kinda random as to whether your partner helps in combat or not. I don't mind that so much for retaliation attacks, but it can get in the way if you're trying to save an enemy for a less experienced unit to kill if your partner suddenly steps in and finishes the job early. Not really a complaint per se since you can at least plan around it... it just seems like a weird choice given how carefully you have to manage exp in this series already.

But it seems like it'll be a surprisingly solid game so far. The cast seems quite likable, the gameplay more... uh... fluid than any of the English FE's in a while, and... finally... FINALLY Fire Emblem has proper in-engine three-dimensional (not to be confused with the 3DS' 3D capabilities) story scenes and not just visual novel static images. That goes so far in helping the storytelling it's ridiculous. Oh and the user interface is REALLY nicely done and laid out, smooth, fast, and pleasant to control.

And yes, the support conversations both in and out of battle are quite nice :3
"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." - Tales of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World
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