Out of FF1(NES),Dragon Warrior 1(NES), and Ultima Exodus(NES) which one do you

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User Info: Slimeknight

4 years ago#1
rate as best?
Even though I never got that far in Ultima Exodus I think it had several advantages over the other two. From what I remember of FF1 it seemed very linear and formulaic. Although I am a big Dragon Quest fan and I never really played Ultima too much besides Exodus and Ultima Online I think NES Ultima Exodus was something special. It was more about exploration than the other two, and problem solving beyond simply going to a town and then a dungeon and so on. Also, Exodus NES had really good music. I wish it was on Virtual Console. What does everyone else think?
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User Info: CreekCo

4 years ago#2
Well, they are all different. One doesn't have to be the "best", per se. DQ firmly established some of my favorite troupes ("But thou must!"); FF 1 is a game I still enjoy thinking about. Lit 3!!! Without having played the game in a decade, I can draw the Hall of Giants right now. That's superior game design. I dunno many people who actually played Ultima Exodus for the NES at that time. I thought most Ultima players played that game on the PC? I wasn't rich enough for a PC, so I had to enjoy DQ and FF from the local rental store.
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User Info: Cloudslash

4 years ago#3
Objectively FF1 is the best seeing as how it's actually relatively playable by modern standards without excessive grinding (well, as long as you have a knight) or a FAQ.

I enjoy all three of them though.
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User Info: Gaming_Pal_TEJ

4 years ago#4
FF1 is the best one, it's hard without being insanely grindy like the NES DQ titles.

Never played Ultima Exodus.

User Info: characterizedby

4 years ago#5
Objective things are not nearly... as... predominant as you would think.

Even if most people prefer FF1 or it is the most advanced of the time, I would say almost all of the present value is in nostalgia for either game, which... isn't quite the most objective thing in the world anyway.

I don't care for either of the JRPGs. Even me, at 27, is too young for games that are that old. I never played Ultima. either
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User Info: Judas Traveller

Judas Traveller
4 years ago#6
Haven't played Ultima, but FF1 is definitely superior to DW1 in every way. The ability to make any party you want definitely gives it a huge edge, plus you can promote them later. Doesn't help that you don't even have party members in DQ1. Much better graphics, music, dungeon layouts, and monster design IMO.

User Info: Solasun

4 years ago#7
Ultima on anything other than a PC is an abomination of bad porting and even more awkward controls.

Said as an Ultima fan that liked Ultima 8.

Of the other two? Both are archaic monstrosities now. Though I suspect that FF1 holds up slightly better.
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User Info: SilentSerph

4 years ago#8
I haven't played Ultima Exodus, but between FF1 and Dragon Warrior 1, FF1 wins by a mile.

Having one character in battle for a turn based RPG is ridiculous.

User Info: OutlawDino

4 years ago#9
FF, and it's not even close.
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User Info: Then00bAvenger

4 years ago#10
FF1 was the one that was designed the latest and obviously it shows. Not really a fair match.
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