Favorite group of RPG sub-villains

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User Info: mmx4

8 months ago#1
You know, the group of subordinates to the big bad, who you fight multiple times.

As for me, Skies of Arcadia's generals strike the right balance of humor, likability and menace that I like them all.
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User Info: zinformant

8 months ago#2
Henchmen? This is one category where I might, actually, not have a favorite. I tend not to like antagonistic forces in the first place, but relatively incompetent ones? No thank you.
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User Info: GamerNerdTalk

8 months ago#3
Probably the Abyss watchers from Dark Souls 3. There lore of being one entity is pretty insteresting stuff
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User Info: Amethyst85

8 months ago#4
Maybe the God-Generals from Tales of the Abyss? Highly competent (mostly) and they were more interesting than most of the main cast.

(Admittedly the main cast of Abyss was pretty terrible, but still.)
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User Info: FLOUR

8 months ago#5
Probably the Akueldo members. Brionac and Odessa are also up there.

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User Info: Krisena

8 months ago#6
Not a trope I like. Actually I can't think of an instance where I liked it.
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User Info: Appleforce

8 months ago#7
Do the Ten Wise Men count?
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User Info: Flamechamp2333

8 months ago#8
judges from ff12. The audio compressed stuffy nosed voice acting actually worked well with the masked judges.
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User Info: shiva

8 months ago#9
mmx4 posted...
As for me, Skies of Arcadia's generals strike the right balance of humor, likability and menace that I like them all.

Came in to post exactly this. "Topic over".

Besides those, the most memorable would be the God Generals of Tales of the Abyss, the Cardinals of Tales of Symphonia, the Bulzome Sect in Shining Force 3, the Prophets from Wild Arms 3, the Organization 13 in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and 2.

This is a great way to provide much needed personality to a game's plot, and to form stronger antagonistic entities. When I think of my fave RPG villains, very few solo entries would make the cut. It's all about the collective.
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User Info: akemihomura44

8 months ago#10
I love the Turks in Final Fantasy VII.

They are really cool, mysterious yet kind of adorable/funny. There is also just something really immersive and satisfying about fighting a story character without them turning into a monster or something. I also love how they keep changing from foe to ally all the time. It really gives the story more dimensions.

I agree this is generally a trope that is hard to do something impressive with. In a way it's a compromise already from the start, because you're stalling the main villain. I think all the examples I agree with so far have a lot of other things going for them that makes them memorable.
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