Actors who played against type... with disastrous results?

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User Info: j_ohanley

5 years ago#1
It's always really easy to have trepidation about casting news, only to be proven wrong later. That goofy Dad from Malcolm in the Middle is taking on a serious role... that he won three consecutive Emmys for. That shrill comedienne is being hired as the Doctor's latest Companion... and she impresses many with her surprising dramatic range. And then you've got John Lithgow settling in as a villain, then becoming a sitcom buffoon, and then going back to full on psycho.

Thing is... since these people are playing against an image, they must have really impressed the casting people, the producers, the network execs if they landed their latest, very strange role. So I'm trying to think of a time that everyone took a chance and gave an unlikely major role to a well known performer, and the gamble didn't pay off?

User Info: Unknown Nomad

Unknown Nomad
5 years ago#2
probably one example for me that really failed was Aasif Mandvi of The Daily Show playing Admiral Zhao from M. Night's Last Airbender, probably because Aasif pretty much acted the same as he was on The Daily Show as he was in Last Airbender
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User Info: Heartless18

5 years ago#3
Not from a TV show, but Vin Diesel did that horrible family comedy "The Pacifier". He's not that great to begin with, but it was painful trying to watch him do comedy.
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User Info: j_ohanley

5 years ago#4

User Info: Zelos_Zensation

5 years ago#5
I seriously just hated Chevy Chase in Chuck. It was...wierd.
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User Info: MaleSlayer

5 years ago#6
I don't know the performances of the following actors yielded "disastrous results", but it's always weird for me to see someone I mainly know from a sitcom (like, for example, Bob Saget, Fred Savage or John Stamos) play a serious role on something like "Law & Order".
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User Info: SuperExcitebike

5 years ago#7
I can think of many times this happened in movies, but not so much on tv.

I'm used to seeing Edward James Olmos in a heroic role, so I was pretty excited when I heard he'd be playing a villain in Dexter. I anticipated a villain on the level as Jimmy Smits or John Lithgow and EJO was completely underwhelming in the role.
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