Okay, So i've seen the popularity of The Blacklist, So its time to test it.

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  3. Okay, So i've seen the popularity of The Blacklist, So its time to test it.

User Info: sonic_man00

4 years ago#1
The Blacklist VS Sleepy Hollow.

The Blacklist VS Person Of Interest.

The Blacklist VS Hostages

The Blacklist VS Marvels Agents Of Shield.

In other words, Rate the show Blacklist is competing against and The Blacklist, And we'll see how this goes.
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2 of those are completely different genres so it's not even a valid comparison.
1 of them has a 2 year bump on character and story development
and while I haven't seen hostages from what I know of it that doesn't seem like a good comparison either.

Why does every show need to be compared to something. It's good, entertaining, and the pilot is up on NBC.com just watch it.
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User Info: Rybal

4 years ago#3
Other than against Person of Interest, Blacklist is FAR better.

I'd still put PoI above BL, but part of that is because it has been around for longer. They are both amazing shows, though.
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User Info: YoRyanetc

4 years ago#4
Better than Agents of Shield, worse than Sleepy Hollow.

Don't watch the other 2.
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User Info: Volvagia_slayer

4 years ago#5
Not as good as Person of Interest. Not as good as Sleepy Hollow. Better than Agents of SHIELD (but not as interesting). Haven't seen Hostages.

EDIT: Of course, this is only based off of the first episode of The Blacklist. It felt a little too procedural and been-there-done-that for me to want to continue with it past that episode right now.

User Info: Kingjoe110

4 years ago#6
It's better than Hostages and on the same level as SHIELD but the first 2 are better.
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User Info: OvieCanucksFan

4 years ago#7
If it keeps up I'd probably say The Blacklist is a top 5 show on broadcast TV, maybe only show you have listed that is better than it is Person of Interest.

User Info: rpgquitter

4 years ago#8
I've really liked the Blacklist and have been very impressed by the show so far. In the first episode she stabs him in the neck with a pen: very impressed. The chinese spy episode the male agent kicks a guy off the side of the building: very very impressed.
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User Info: icowmoo

4 years ago#9
Person Of Interest is better. The others are not.

User Info: Philz20

4 years ago#10
Person of Interest is way better. Blacklist is better than SHIELD. I don't watch the other two.
[$BF] Philz20
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  3. Okay, So i've seen the popularity of The Blacklist, So its time to test it.

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