How did the zombie apocalypse start in the walking dead? *SPOILERS*

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  3. How did the zombie apocalypse start in the walking dead? *SPOILERS*

User Info: TreizeCoslander

6 years ago#1
I guess this is a question directed at those who've read the comics. The tv series doesn't cover it so I was just wondering if it is explained at all.

One day people just woke up with a virus that turned them into zombies if they died? Is that all there is to it?

User Info: max mercury

max mercury
6 years ago#2
The comic never explores this issue. In the first issue of the comic, Rick wakes up from his coma and the zombies have already been around for a few weeks. In fact given all the endless talking the characters seem to do in the comic, it seems strange no one ever seems to even wonder about it.

The TV show has given some insights, in the CDC episode they talked about where it started and they have shown flashbacks to what life was like in the early days of the outbreak.

I've heard Kirkman say in interviews and the letters page of the comic that he doesn't plan to ever address the source of the outbreak or explain it, it's not the focus of the series. In his recent novel, Rise of the Governer, Kirkman does show what life is like in the early days of the outbreak and it's a great read since it shows a side of the story that never gets developed in the comics.

User Info: ffhc2008

6 years ago#3
I really really really hope we get more on how it happened and the immediate aftermath ala World War Z even if they have to completely make it up for the show.
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User Info: brollifan111

6 years ago#4
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User Info: someone

6 years ago#5
While we don't know the origin, we do enough that everyone on Earth was seemingly infected at or around the same time and this has affected already dead individuals. This was proven early in the comic when Rick returned to that character's grave to discover that he was zombified, despite the fact that he was killed by a gunshot wound and was never bitten.

So everyone is infected and will rise, regardless of the cause of death (so long as their brain is intact). Same goes for everyone who's died. This probably explains why the military was overrun (regardless of how unlikely that may be).
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User Info: Oldskool_Rulez

6 years ago#6
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  3. How did the zombie apocalypse start in the walking dead? *SPOILERS*

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