GoT and A Song of Ice and Fire question

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User Info: george costanza

george costanza
5 years ago#1
I have loved the first two seasons of the show and want to start reading the series. Could I start at book 3 and be ok or should I start on the first book?
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User Info: PatrickEwing33

5 years ago#2
Just read all the books. or get the audio books for them and then read from 3.
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User Info: DeathMagnetic80

5 years ago#3
I'd suggest reading the first two, as they are great reads, and delve into the backstory more. On top of that, the 2nd season changed several things from the book, as well as changed characters names, and excluding some, so if you go from season 2 to book three it may be a tad confusing.
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User Info: SirRegulus

5 years ago#4
You can skip the first book for now if necessary; the first season follows it pretty closely. You'll probably want to go back and read it later, though, because it does cover some stuff that you don't get to see in the HBO series (and, uh, it's really good anyway). Season 2, on the other hand, changes enough that it would probably be a good idea to read book 2 before proceeding.

User Info: dragunreaver

5 years ago#5
Read the first 2 trust me.
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User Info: george costanza

george costanza
5 years ago#6
Thanks for all the responses I think I will start from the first book and enjoy the ride.

And btw dragunreaver if you bleep Purple and Gold I have to shout out the fact I am from Seattle and the Huskies are in my blood as well!!!
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User Info: KejeLL

5 years ago#7
Following the show and following the books are quite different. You have to get used to following hundreds of characters and remember their names at any given time, the show spares you from this but if you delve straight into book three you are going to be oh so lost. I remember following book 1 quite easily but the first hundred pages of kings had me looking up family trees, maps and names quite frequently at first.

Good decision reading the books. I was like you and just couldn't wait 1 year after the first season ended. That's a couple of hundered hours of entertainment you've got waiting for you. Made my summer last year

User Info: heynongman

5 years ago#8
The first season is pretty faithful to the book but the book tends to delve more into the history of the kingdom and the characters, so you might be a bit confused in later books.

The second season deviates from the second book--the show had to cut out some characters due to time and budget and made some changes to the plot. If you start with the third book you will be very confused.

Definitely start with the first one. It's a bit dull at first with the introduction of the characters but it picks up.

User Info: LegendOfLink_12

5 years ago#9
Having just read the first two myself, here's my advice:

(1) If you're really pressed for time for some reason or another, skip the first book. They did an excellent job adapting the book essentially shot for shot for TV, with the exception of a little bit of the backstory and a few scenes that really aren't all that important.

(2) Under absolutely no circumstances should you skip the second book.
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User Info: Hentacle

5 years ago#10
Actually they left out a ton of stuff from the first book in season 1 that isn't really delved into until much later in the series, so I still say it's very important to just read them all.
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