The Wire is boring

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User Info: coolio2cool

5 years ago#1
I'm on episode 5, everyone tells me to push on push on. Its nothing but talking :\ I'm afraid the show just isn't for me and don't want to waste anymore of my time, but everyone says to keep at it. Anyone else feel/felt this way?
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User Info: Masho

5 years ago#2
I give up...
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User Info: TheBWS

5 years ago#3
One of my favorites, and in my opinion the greatest show to ever air.

That said, why watch a show you don't want to watch?
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User Info: SuperExcitebike

5 years ago#4
None of us really like The Wire. It's just a joke that everyone is in on to get people to waste their time with a boring show.

Got em!
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User Info: RespectTheIMD

5 years ago#5
Then don't watch it.
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User Info: Vyyk

5 years ago#6
I can accept that the show gets good. But the first episode is nothing more than a well written procedural. It's no surprise that people give up on it.
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User Info: FezWhatley

5 years ago#7
I almost gave up on The Wire after two episodes. After finishing the entire series and watching the first season again a year later I was like "what an idiot I was for thinking that this was boring"
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User Info: CronoDyne

5 years ago#8
I tried it as well. It's basically the God of shows mentioned on this board the the Broadcast board, and since I've enjoyed the majority of shows recommended here, I was really looking forward to it when I bought season 1. After 6 or so episodes.. I couldn't take it. I found none of the characters likable, I found the dialogue horrendous (literally EVERY character says either s*** or f*** constantly, not to mention the incomprehensible slang; it's unrealistic- not every human living in Baltimore talks like this), I thought the story line (what little there was) was boring, the stupid nicknames forced on almost every character felt contrived, and in the first time every watching a show in the middle of the day.. I nodded off. And no one can use the, "u jus dunt leik slo movin shos!" argument, since shows like Mad Men and Six Feet Under are some of my favorites.

I won't criticize anyone who loves it, and I openly admit I've only seen basically half of the first season, but I honestly don't see where the hype comes from. Maybe I'll try again at a later date, but I feel no incentive right now.
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User Info: alexander9

5 years ago#9
Yeah Crono pretty much hits the nail right on the head, it is a ridiculously unrealistic show and the writing sucks.

User Info: lilchao

5 years ago#10
It took me a surprisingly long amount of time, but I ended up loving The Wire. Had the same problem as TC and Crono during season 1 but season 2 got better. When season 3 started stepping up, I was loving it.
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