Why did Walt say I just realized that Lydia...(BB Spoilers)

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User Info: Orange Clockwork

Orange Clockwork
4 years ago#11
MrCoffeeMaker posted...
Orange Clockwork posted...
He only shot him because he raged out, and he only raged out because of the argument, which started when he asked for names of the people he knew he probably wasn't going to get.

nah, it was premeditated. Otherwise why take the gun?

Because he thought it might come up.
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User Info: Colonel Alloy

Colonel Alloy
4 years ago#12
He brought up Lydia as a way to convince Mike (and himself) that the main reason he shot Mike was because he refused to give him the names. Walt's too egotistic and delusional to admit that he only killed Mike because Mike hurt his feelings.

This. Walt couldn't even be honest to a dying man.
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User Info: The Real Truth

The Real Truth
4 years ago#13
It's really not that difficult.

- Walt took the gun from Mike's bag, assuming he wouldn't give him the names.
- Walt gives him the bag, Mike refuses to give him the names, gets ready to take off, notices his gun is missing.
- Meanwhile, Walt is kind of panicking and after coming back, shoots Mike. (Walt is annoyed that Mike is always bossing him around, and always has control, and Walt loses it).
- Walt approaches Mike, realizes he's dying, and his mind starts to clear for a minute, and he thinks...oh wait, I didn't actually have to kill Mike.

It's really not that hard. Walt let his emotions get the best of him. In his rage he kills Mike and all the while completely forgetting about Lydia. Then when he realizes Mike is dying, he's trying to figure out what the hell to do, and he remembers wait...Lydia already has the list.

Did Walt plan to kill Mike? No. He thought he might have to though. He honestly forgot about Lydia, and probably felt some slight remorse for Mike dying, but that will pass soon since Walt has been gradually going over the edge for awhile.
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User Info: Robot_Soopa

4 years ago#14
xtacb posted...
i think Walt was planning to shoot him anyway, thats why he took the gun earlier

I doubt Walt took the gun out of concern that Mike would hurt Walt (Mike would gain nothing by killing Walt as he went on his trip, and so theres no point for Walt to be concerned)

That's nice but you're wrong.

The scene was clearly intended to be taken the way people are trying to tell you.

People on message boards overthink things. The creators didn't have Walt panick, calm down, and say I just realized I could have gotten the names from Lydia...while intending for us to take it as Walt lying and already knowing about the names.

It just sounds ridiculous.

User Info: j_skillz

4 years ago#15
I originally thought it was just Walt being caught up in the moment, taking action in a panic, and then realizing he didn't have to have shot Mike since he could get the list from Lydia.

But I could see it being premeditated. "No loose ends". Mike telling Walt to shut up and let him die in peace could have been his way of saying "save it for someone who'll believe you."
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User Info: HHH is the game

HHH is the game
4 years ago#16
I was thinking he took the gun to use on the people on the list. Though I guess he did have a gun in season 4. Maybe it was a better gun or he didn't want to risk it being traced to him in ANY way. Who knows?
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User Info: ClayGuida

4 years ago#17
I think Mike was going to kill Walt. He kept telling Jesse he couldn't deliver it knowing that Saul couldn't either. I assume Mike was going to kill Walt and Walt realized this.

As for him saying that, who knows. I just figured Walt made a rash decision without thinking it through like he normally does.

User Info: Malkovich_

4 years ago#18
Walt literally only realized he could get the names from Lydia after he shot Mike, he took the gun from Mike's bag in the first place because he thought he could try and pressure Mike into giving him the names, but gave up when knew Mike was as cool as a cucumber and wouldnt tell, he only shot Mike as he was leaving, Mike leaving meant the names leaving. So Walt raged and shot him. How anyone could NOT get this as they watched it is beyond me.

User Info: TriangularTwig

4 years ago#19
mike clearly wasn't going to kill Walt, they walked away to their vehicles and Walt could have easily driven away while Mike was checking his bag, if he was gonna kill Walt he wouldn't give him that chance
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User Info: LordLeaf

4 years ago#20
Lots of empty, misguided speculation here. In the Inside Breaking Bad for "Say My Name," Gilligan says that he expects a lot of debate regarding Walt's intention. Did he intend to kill Mike from the start? Was the possibility in the back of his mind? Was the gun taken for protection? Not even Gilligan claims to know, and how you look at things will depend upon how you perceive Walt's character.

That said, none of this explains why Walt suddenly forgot Lydia had the names, which was completely out of character and stupid as all hell. It's one of the few reasons (the other major one being how quickly the lawyer turned) the episode is among the worst of the season.
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