I think Bates Motel will fail heres why....

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  3. I think Bates Motel will fail heres why....

User Info: Superman80

4 years ago#1
I watched the premiere yesterday and thought it was actually well done. The acting was solid and the pilot had enough going on to keep you interested. Why I dont see the show lasting for very long is because of the unlikable nature of the main characters. They're serial killers, why would someone route or care for them? Second and probably the most important reason is how would they even sustain this show over numerous seasons? Are we going to have the butcher of the week with Norman and his mom hiding the body every week? I5 wont work people will get bored fast.

I think this would have worked if it wae a mini series but will be hard to pull off as is. I do think Hannibal has the potential to be excellent though.

User Info: wannabepranksta

4 years ago#2
Dexter says hi.
i c u p

User Info: BDogg20

4 years ago#3
Aaaaaaand crushed.....

User Info: yohabroha

4 years ago#4
Dexter, Tony Soprano. But you're right, those shows didnt do that well...
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User Info: calinks

4 years ago#5
Dexter, Tony Soprano, Walter White, Onar Little, Vic Mackey, Richard Harrow have all proven in the last decade that you can do absolutely deplorable things and be morally bankrupt and the audience will still love you if you are written right.
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User Info: Superman80

4 years ago#6
I think there is a difference between some of these characters to Norman Bates. Even though most of us think that what Dexter does is wrong, deep down inside we root for him because he kills horrible people. I wouldnt say Walter is an unlikable psycho, he is an ego maniac at most whose intentions started out as a means to make money and cure his disease. Along the way his character evolved and started doing things which made the audience dislike him, but you still sense at times that Walter does still have some humanity in him. Tony Soprano I cant really argue but I think its his kick ass personality that made people want to watch him.

Norman Bates judging from the movie is a perv, psychopath who kills just because. Furthermore those other shows have a setting which can be expanded upon and kept exciting. Theyre non linear.

User Info: Lo_Key90

4 years ago#7
Because people will be curious as to how Norman became a psycho?
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User Info: shagadelic

4 years ago#8
Why I dont see the show lasting for very long is because of the unlikable nature of the main characters.

I thought The Tudors would fail for the same reason. But as much as I hated everyone on that show I continued to watch it.

User Info: alienfreaks04

4 years ago#9
If you can take an "unlikable" person who does mostly bad things, and make us care, that's damn good writing.
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User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#10
I haven't seen the pilot of Bates Motel, but in the case of Dexter you have a serial killer who's portrayed as largely conflicted and redemptive about what he's done, at least for the most part. That's not to say Dexter's redeemed himself necessarily, but, on top of killing "bad guys," he also shows an inclination toward traditionally positive values.

A killer, remember, is still a human being. But if that person happens to be a complete and utter sociopath--don't know if that's how they're portraying Norman--then it wouldn't be surprising to see people not want to root for the character.
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  3. I think Bates Motel will fail heres why....

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