Favorite scenes/quotes from 21 Jumpstreet? *spoilers of course*

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  3. Favorite scenes/quotes from 21 Jumpstreet? *spoilers of course*

User Info: Tyranoreal

5 years ago#1
Channing Tatum suggesting they finger each other's mouths was pretty great and made me actually cry from laughter.

"At least I know my Miranda rights" tickled the back of my eye a little. "Emotional" scene but thank god they didn't keep pushing the drama too much and kept up with the great comedy.

The gym teacher trying to pick up his **** with his mouth
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User Info: Tequilawhatitdo

5 years ago#2
Phase 4.

Oh my ****.

User Info: Tequilawhatitdo

5 years ago#3

User Info: JDGFootman1234

5 years ago#4
Without a doubt my favorite line was when Tatum picked up the cocaine for the party and Hill said: "We're trying to show them a good time, not ruin their lives!"
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User Info: NSer

5 years ago#5
"F*** you, science!"
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User Info: DragonG

5 years ago#6
- "Korean Jesus doesn't have time for your problems. He's busy dealing with Korean s***!"

- "There's rumors in the Twittersphere. If I find out that any of my officer is giving out drug and alcohol I send their ass to prison with a snorkel duct-taped to their mouth and me s***ing down that Snorkel" - Ice Cube was also a scene-stealer as well!

- Schmidt and Jenko fingering each other's throats

- Johnny Depp getting shot in the throat

- The car chase, well whenever the propane tank fails to explode and one of the baddies got his legs run over!!

- Gym teacher trying to pick up his **** with his mouth

There's just too many, tbqh
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User Info: Gam3rJM

5 years ago#7
"The people who run this stuff ran out of ideas, so now they're just recycling s*** from the past."
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User Info: rockband221

5 years ago#8
The whole scene where they trip on HFS, from them fingering each others mouths all the way until they're over the drug had me crying in laughter, especially Jonah singing that song from Peter Pan and then ruining the track meeting, and Tatum f***ing up band practice.
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User Info: TrY_Me_I_DaRe_U

5 years ago#9
-The things people have already mentioned
-Jonah Hill sticking his tongue out of his mouth on drugs and the gym teacher saying "Stop that, I don't like it" and trying to push his tongue back into his mouth
-During the part where Schmidt, Jenko, and Ice Cube's character were watching the Youtube video of the kid on HFS, you could see a comment underneath it saying "I can't m********* to this." I could NOT stop laughing.
-The fact that Schmidt's baby picture looked SO MUCH like Fred Savage
-Jenko's line: "You're a rock star. Can't you see that? You just shot this guy in the ****. Who does that? Nobody does that."

User Info: TedTheodoreLogan

5 years ago#10
F*** you Miles Davis!
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