how did batman... * spoiler alert *

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  3. how did batman... * spoiler alert *

User Info: n1ckohlas

5 years ago#1
survive the nuclear bomb explosion?

did Superman save him ? Justice League ?

User Info: Tyranoreal

5 years ago#2
He fixed the auto pilot...
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User Info: snowman_5

5 years ago#3
He didn't... He jumped out, and The Bat auto-piloted itself into the ocean.
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User Info: Fundabz

5 years ago#4
I'll get my stupid rope. I'll get it. This is a rope right here.

User Info: additup24

5 years ago#5
something would probably have to see again, but he probably jumped out after he blew up that building and had auto pilot take over

User Info: hookshotman

5 years ago#6
lol at this topic

User Info: Stunt

5 years ago#7
So when did he jump out? As the bomb was counting down to its last seconds, he was still flying it. He had to jump out at least 6 miles away from the explosion because that was bomb's blast radius.

User Info: Spiritclaw

5 years ago#8
He hid inside a refrigerator till the army came and got him out...

Oh wait, that was Indy, my bad.
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User Info: Kevin_Insurgent

5 years ago#9
Because he's Batman.
I don't know how but I hope to die peacefully in my sleep just like my uncle. I'd hate to go terrified and screaming like his passengers.--Zombie Star 2000

User Info: YU2

5 years ago#10
Clenched his butthole really tight. Came out unscathed.
yu2 / hoody ninja
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  3. how did batman... * spoiler alert *

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