The Hobbit HFR 3D vs IMAX 3D?

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User Info: Tartarusauce

5 years ago#1
Or is IMAX 3D also high fps?
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User Info: Dr_Koopa76

5 years ago#2
That will depend on whether it's a True IMAX or not

If it's True IMAX, then it's more likely it will be 24 fps since the projectors aren't digital
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User Info: GFqsGangster

5 years ago#3
At our theatre it's going to be HFR3D on a normal size screen not IMAX. IMAX will be Regular 3D. But we just replaced our true IMAX film projector for a digital IMAX projector so I dont know if HFR3D is even applicable to digital IMAX or how tall our new screen is even because they replaced it too. Gonna find out tonight though.
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User Info: JimmyFraska

5 years ago#4
The six story IMAX in my state isn't going 48fps.

But the tiny AMC IMAX here is. *sigh*
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User Info: Red Eye Zieg

Red Eye Zieg
5 years ago#5
That's a good question..

I'll find out for myself, as I have midnight tickets for an IMAX 3D showing, and tickets the next night for an HFR 3D showing.
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  3. The Hobbit HFR 3D vs IMAX 3D?

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