Did anyone expect that woman with the bandana to be important? (Django spoils)

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  3. Did anyone expect that woman with the bandana to be important? (Django spoils)

User Info: Menji

4 years ago#1
She was part of the gang that let the dogs lose on that guy and they kept showing her with the bandana around her face and then we saw her again when Django returned. I kept thinking WHO IS THIS? But then she just died.

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User Info: dahoros

4 years ago#2
Yep my friends and I thought the same thing.

I think they'll be a deleted scene in which she has some sort of role.
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User Info: RcBcoop80

4 years ago#3
Plus it was Zoe Bell so you'd think he'd give her something to do since he has a crush in her.

User Info: OhNoPeppyHare

4 years ago#4
Most likely a deleted scene. The final cut of Django was originally more than 3 hours, so I'm guessing Tarantino removed her part during the 2 weeks before releasing.
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User Info: SerenitySays

4 years ago#5
When she appeared onscreen for the second time, I was like, "Hey that's Zoe Bell. It HAS to be her!" I was expecting her to do something but then the movie ended.

User Info: zonizukaz

4 years ago#6
Biggest complaint I had with the movie was this. This mysterious character will play some memorable or important role later on.... but nothing.

User Info: NameUsedBefore

4 years ago#7
Because Tarantino is such a movie buff, I assumed she was a reference to an old western film, but I personally can't think of one. That's my only thought as to why she was there, because she received some camera time that otherwise doesn't make sense.

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User Info: RAY_LEWlS

4 years ago#8
it was Shosanna
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User Info: RCP3_04

4 years ago#9
Before Django blasted her away...she was looking at some photo pirnts of a black slave boy...was she a pedo or something LoL

User Info: Rossard

4 years ago#10
In the original Django there's a group of bandits that wear red bandanas like that, so it's probably just a little reference.

Though I'd guess it was a little odd for people who haven't seen Django. At first it seemed like she was going to be significant (and Zoe Bell is pretty bad ass).
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  3. Did anyone expect that woman with the bandana to be important? (Django spoils)

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