Who would you cast in the Batman Nolanverse as Harley Quinn?

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  3. Who would you cast in the Batman Nolanverse as Harley Quinn?

User Info: J1MM3L

4 years ago#1
Sadly, I think Brittany Murphy would've been perfect.

Living actress... probably Allison Brie.
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User Info: DarkDragon456

4 years ago#2
Katrina Bowden

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User Info: kidpokerfan

4 years ago#3
Emma Roberts, just to be different, and because I liked her in Scream 4 (which Brie was also in).
Oh, and because her father was in TDK. Now we just need a role for Julia.

User Info: Twiznoy

4 years ago#4
Kristen Bell
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User Info: LimeInCoconut

4 years ago#5
I don't know if she can pull of crazy, since I haven't seen her in anything yet, but Jessica Chastain has been hot lately and looks the part IMO
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User Info: Gary Stanton

Gary Stanton
4 years ago#6
This will sound somewhat strange, but this past summer I saw someone who imo would make a great Harley Quinn: McKayla Maroney
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User Info: alienfreaks04

4 years ago#7
Helena Bonham-Carter 15+ years ago
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User Info: SyvrakFett212

4 years ago#8
Twiznoy posted...
Kristen Bell

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User Info: DeederzGonDeed

4 years ago#9
SyvrakFett212 posted...
Twiznoy posted...
Kristen Stewart


User Info: ZephyrSSX

4 years ago#10
After playing the Arkham games... someone with a huge rack, a thin body and dem thighs.
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  3. Who would you cast in the Batman Nolanverse as Harley Quinn?

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