So in one day, Rockstar's GTA V made more than 90% of Hollywood films

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User Info: Noccish

4 years ago#21
13 million units were sold. 13 million tickets at an average of $13 each (I think that's a fair figure) = $169 million. That's astounding even by cinema standards.
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User Info: angleslam99

4 years ago#22
I thought I read somewhere that the Last of Us sold more copies than Man of Steel tickets on its release day or something to that effect. The gaming industry is not dying, the movie industry (depending on who you ask) is.
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User Info: Mephistopheles

4 years ago#23
The comparison falls apart because there isn't a secondary market for games. It would be like if every movie was only released on DVD and the only way to experience it was to buy the disc for yourself or borrow it from a friend.
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User Info: the waffler

the waffler
4 years ago#24
Also, I don't think the production cost for GTA V includes the costs for the disc and packaging as well as distribution of those, does it? Because if that was the case the budget was subject to change depending on how many copies are going to be shipped in the future.

So I don't think they've actually quadrupled their investment already ike some people say.

User Info: lincoln002

4 years ago#25
Not sure which industry is more lucrative, the video game industry or the movie industry, that would give you guys the answer you're looking for. I don't think the video game industry releases as many blockbusters as the movie industry does a year though. GTA V for instance has been in production since 2008. The video game industry isn't as casual as the movie industry either. I think everyone watches movies, not everyone plays video games.
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User Info: ShadowGomamon

4 years ago#27
ShadowGomamon posted...
$7.5 is only like 8% of the price of a $60 game. So if you take 8% of that 800m, suddenly their profits don't seem as vast in comparison to the movie.

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User Info: PhoenixWroggi

4 years ago#28
From: Grobari | #007
people comparing prices, don't forget to add hours of enjoyment...20 hours for singleplayer + exploring minimum and then there's multiplayer

How is that relevant in the slightest to people making some sort of idiotic point about how a videogame is outearning movies? Nobody made any analysis of cost verses time invested. Just of bunch of noobs going "lol 60 dollar video game outearning 10 dollar movie!"
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User Info: Shadow_Cloud

4 years ago#29
fear_d_hotgun posted...
And it cost $200 Million to make.

They quadrupled their budget in less than a day.

Add in another $65 million for advertisement and marketing. Still insane though, but completely warranted because GTA V is a really fine game where the developers really put their hearts and souls in the game. And unlike Bestheda games, the game isn't nearly as bug-ridden.

User Info: EvilMonkey

4 years ago#30
And she doesn't accept the national average, which NATO says includes children's and senior tickets.

"While $8 is the average price, in most urban areas $8 is the matinee bargain price," she says. "With Saturday night movie tickets hitting the $15 and $20 mark
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