Robocop 2013 "Field test clip"

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User Info: mvillanueva88

3 years ago#1

This is not looking good at all.
Edit: sorry meant to type 2014 on topic title.
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User Info: Shadow_Cloud

3 years ago#2
What's with the music? I thought we were going to get some cool gun kata action, but nope....

User Info: asdasta632

3 years ago#3
Oh man the CGI during that dodge at the end was horrible.
The artist formerly known as shaneo632

User Info: Heineken14

3 years ago#4
I really hope that music isn't in the movie....

....or that this turns out to be some sort of hyper-meta satire of the current state of watered down remakes...
Rage is a hell of an anesthetic.

User Info: Delirious_Beard

3 years ago#5
My goodness this looks awful

User Info: Santo3485

3 years ago#6
Holy **** it looks much worse than I expected. Thats just awful ha ha. Ah well, pg tweens are gonna eat that pos raw as the movie is targetted to.
It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma

User Info: JackBurton85

3 years ago#7

They should have hired me to direct the Robocop remake. I could have thrown some aluminum foil on my crap so it looked metallic and then just filmed that. No doubt woulda turned out better. Then i could do what they should have done with this turdfest back when it was just an idea in some money hungry jerkass movie execs pea-brain, and flushed it.

User Info: PStrife

3 years ago#8
So his female partner is now a generic male partner. The clip being terribly executed is expected, it is as awful as the recent tv spot trailers made it out to be.

User Info: woebegotten

3 years ago#9
working link?

User Info: Wolf_J_Flywheel

3 years ago#10
wait.. so they already have humanoid robots that can be cops?, why the **** build Robocop then? the whole point of Robocop was he was the first / test.
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