Best movie with Al Pacino

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User Info: rockus

4 years ago#11
Dog Day Afternoon

User Info: Butthead24

4 years ago#12
I have a soft spot for him in Donnie Brasco.

Voted for Godfather II though. That is the real where he really draws me into a character unlike all his other performances. Dat Michael Corleone swagger.

User Info: eynjel18

4 years ago#13
Carlito's Way followed by Godfather 2
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User Info: Hulkamaniac418

4 years ago#14
Any Given Sunday :)
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User Info: Bergkamp_1010

4 years ago#15
Donnie Brasco for me.
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User Info: Dirk_Oneringzki

4 years ago#16
Dick Tracy
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