Have you completed any of the Dark Souls games?

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  3. Have you completed any of the Dark Souls games?

User Info: Big_Nabendu

1 week ago#1
Well wat is it?

Praise It
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User Info: Frank_CastIe

1 week ago#2
All 3 plus Demon's and Bloodborne
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User Info: Hakuouki

1 week ago#3
Where is the option for beating all of them besides Dark Souls II

User Info: WebsandWigs

1 week ago#4
I've beaten them all cept 3, but im working on it

User Info: Astylez

1 week ago#5
3 and Bloodborne.

User Info: Pyaan123

1 week ago#6
I played all of them, but completed only 3 and Bloodborne
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User Info: NeoHawk9

1 week ago#7
all but dks2/3, I will someday

User Info: Artgon

1 week ago#8
I beat all of them except ds2 and demon souls. Also didn't finish bloodborne or Ds3.

User Info: MasterIntel

1 week ago#9
I played and completed 5 of them just ds 3 remaining so could not vote in poll
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User Info: Limelol

1 week ago#10
I completed all 3 plus Demon Souls and Boodborne Get good scrub

At the rate we get new Souls content, I had to find some outlet to get more of it. Probably the only reason I ever went back and completed DeS.
"That is so fetch!"
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  3. Have you completed any of the Dark Souls games?

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