The reason Terra Nova will not last

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6 years ago#1
Sports are always on instead. What is wrong with a station that they preempt a show on it's first season?
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User Info: Brenz0r

6 years ago#2
It's Fox.
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User Info: battleblast

6 years ago#3
I'm kinda surprised someone hasn't done a broadcast station that is sports only. Between Football, Basketball, Baseball, Olympics, and a couple other sports alot of shows get preempted for them. Though most stations will at least give you a warning. "So and so will return in two weeks, but stay tuned next week for X." Fox doesn't usually even do that. Which makes it even weirder when they offset the show to start after the game. An 8 o'clock show starting at 10 something? Yeah thanks alot. Might help scheduling issues, but ratings already took a serious hit.

Same for Presidential Speeches that have no new info. I still laugh about the public outrage about the one that happened during 24.
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User Info: Kamikaze_Kenny

6 years ago#4
I remember watching Farscape here in the UK, which constantly got taken away for a few weeks due to sports, then back on for a week, then taken away again for a few weeks.

And they still showed rubbish like EastEnders all the time!

User Info: muddersmilk

6 years ago#5
The major broadcast networks would never let some other station get all the big sporting events. They get to good of ratings.
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