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User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#1

I basically made this topic to stem the flow of incoming questions, which seem to be escalating, as of late.


READ BEFORE POSTING: This topic is for helping people who are new to the Deus Ex universe! No plot information will be revealed. That said, I would appreciate it if you would also refrain from revealing anything. Thank you.

(If you want to search, just put in the number before the category name.)

1.1: System Requirements

2.1: Important files, and what to/not to do with them.

3.1: Invincible Characters

4.1: Mod Help

5.1: Popular Mods

6.1: DXBM(Deus Ex Board Mod) Detailing

7.1: Multiplayer Help

8:1: Deus Ex Fanfiction

9.1: Glitchs and Bugs

10.1: Where can I buy this?

1.1: System Requirements:

So you got Deus Ex, but you're wondering if it'll work or not? You don't have much to fear, though, for it's a pretty old game, and should work properly on most systems. For those of you who are unsure, here are the basic system requirements to run this game:

300 MHz Pentium II or equivalent
Microsoft 95, 98
150 MB uncompressed hard drive space
4x CD-ROM Drive
DirectX 7.0a-compliant sound card (DirectX 7.0a or higher included)
DirectX 7.0a-compliant 3-D accelerated video card
Keyboard and mouse
1.2: HELP! EVERYTHING'S SO PRETTY...: Slow down there, bub. Sounds like your colors are all messed up. There are a multitude of things you can do to fix it. 1. Check your rendering device, and switch it to a more optimal setting befitting of your computer. 2. Your computer just MAY be too badass for Deus Ex to run properly. If you've got a computer that can run a game like F.E.A.R. at 180 miles per hour, then you'll probably be seeing something like this. 3. Easiest, your settings just may be a bit messed up at the moment, so go into Settings on the Main Menu to fix it. 4. Your system is not good enough to run Deus Ex properly.

1.3: WTF? IT'S SO SLOW!: So things are lagging for you, huh? Can't keep up with the rest of the enemies shooting you in the face? Well, there may be several things we can do to fix this. 1. Check your 3D rendering device. It may be running on too high a setting for your computer to handle. 2. You're an idiot, and you're using cheats. That is, you spawned a whole bunch of explosive crates, and they're all going off at once. No matter WHAT system you're on, this act is bound to slow down the game exponentially. 3: There are too many NPC's running around the map, and their hideous mass is slowing you down. 4. Your system is not good enough to run Deus Ex properly.

Addendum: Those are the prevailing questions. If you have anything else, refer to the gaming manual for Trouble Shooting.
"What do you mean your YTMND "pluged" Shifter? Is this some kind of crude sexual term?"-BornIn1142

User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#2

2.1: Important files, and what to/not to do with them:

In order for Deus Ex to run properly, it always needs a set of files in their proper place. This is the nerve center of Deus Ex, the System Directory. In order to get here, go into "My Documents" and from there, search, or put in "C:\DeusEx". You will come to the main Deus Ex folder, upon which you will see many other folders needed to make the game work. Among them will be "System." Go in there, and you'll probably see a multitude of different files labeled "Deus Ex" or "Deus Ex Con" and such things. The main things we're going to be paying attention to are The Deus Ex INI file, the Deus Ex INT file, and the Deus Ex U file.

2.2: The Deus Ex INI File: This file is confusing, in that it usually has two file categories. It'll always either be "INI" or "Configuration settings." That out of the way, this is the file that controls path systems, core systems, engine, etc. Unless you're a professional modder, this is NOT a file you're gonna want to tamper with.

2.3: The Deus Ex INT File: The INT file is a very interesting piece of work. It controls all the passive text in the game, such as descriptions for weapons, weapon names, item names, augmentation names, skills, etc. There will probably be no dire consequences in editing names or descriptions. If you're using a mod, however, I wouldn't advise you doing that.

2.4: The Deus Ex U File: This is the ineffable U file. It controls almost all aspects of the game, such as how it works, how to make things work, what NPC's do, and how they react. This file is also used by modders to implement their work into the game, or into the seperate mod they have created. If you DON'T know what you're doing, leave this thing alone, as the mere deletion of it can screw your game indefinitely.

2.5: Misc. Files: There are a multitude of other files, such as textures, maps, dialoug, etc...Again, unless you are a modder, I'd advise you not to tamper with these.

2.6: Back Ups: This is a VERY important tool if you want to edit and/or replace specific files. First, all you have to do is make another folder in your Deus Ex directory. Any directory, though, will do. For simplicity, name this folder "Deus Ex Back Up" Then, make a copy of the file[s] you currently wish to edit/replace. Send those files on over to the "Deus Ex Back up" folder, and there they will stay untouched until you take them back out. You are now free to edit the base file any way you want. If you are doing this, though, you are probably merely replacing the U/INT/INI files with modified files from Mods. Such mods would probably include Smoky36's Realism mod, Shifter, and Hardcore.

Addendum: Remember, a stupid mistake can ruin your game indefinitely, so BE CAREFUL.

"What do you mean your YTMND "pluged" Shifter? Is this some kind of crude sexual term?"-BornIn1142

User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#3
3.1: Invincible Characters

So you were cruising around Liberty Island, and decided you wanted to kill your brother, Paul Denton. To this effect, you pulled out a gun, and started poping him. He probably didn't mind it at first, but soon he got a bit pissed off, and pulled a gun on you himself. You fought valiently with him for a while before either succumbing to him, or waited for him to calm down a bit. But during this, you discovered something GASTLY indeed! Try as you might, you couldn't kill him!

Before you start yelling "omg hax", the reason he didn't die was because he was valuable to the ENTIRE plot of Deus Ex. Paul is an example of an "Invincible" character, meaning that it is impossible for him to die unless under special circumstances. This section of the FAQ will list all the invincible characters in the game, without revealing anything important. Going into this, there will be five categories. 1. Characters who can NEVER be killed, but fight back. 2. Characters who can be killed, but not for a while. 3: Characters who fight back when attacked, but can't be killed, at least for a while. 4. Characters who cannot be killed, but run away when shot at.

Onto the list!(Note that this lists ONLY important characters. And for category 3's, I will not state WHEN they can be killed, cause that takes away the surprise.)

Paul Denton: Category: 3

Harley Filben: Category: 4

Gunther Hermann: Category: 3

Anna Navarre: Category: 3

Joseph Manderly/UNATCO Chief: Category: 3

Janice Reed: Category: 2

Sam Carter: Category: 1

Jaime Reyes: Category: 4

Alex Jacobson: Category: 1/4

Government Official/Walton Simons: Category: 3

Smuggler: Category: 3

Gordon Quick: Category: 3

Max Chen: Category: 1

Tracer Tong: Category: 4

Stanton Dowd: Category: 4

Nicolette DuClare: Category: 1

Toby Atanwe: Category: 3

Morgan Everett: Category: 4

Addendum: Be advised that some characters, though killable, would be better kept alive.

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User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#4
4.1: Mod Help

So, you finally got into the craze of downloading and playing mods, huh? Well for one thing, congratulations. You have just discovered a whole new way of enjoying Deus Ex. But with this congratulation, comes also a warning. Mods, while fun, can also become VERY destructive to Deus Ex, and even your whole computer, if used incorrectly.

But first let's examine what a mod really is. It's quite simple, really. A Mod is a fan-made mission or edit to the base game. That means that someone out there in the world used Unreal Ed, the editing system for Deus Ex, to create a mission with its own story line, or made tiny edits to the original game.

That said, there are some things you'll need to know before going into this.

4.2: Where can I find mods?: Usually the simplest thing to do is go on Google, or your most trusted search engine, and put in "Deus Ex Mods". You'll probably come up with a list of hits.

4.3: How do I get them?: You download them from whichever link is provided. PLEASE note that downloading can be harmful to your computer.

4.4: How do I install them?: Ah, the grand question. Well, there are usually two different ways you can install a mod. 1. The most commonly used, but potentially most annoying, is the extraction/put-this-into-that-folder method. This basically means that you have to either extract files to the directory specified in the read-me, or place them in their respective folders manually, again as specified by the read-me. This can take some doing, and is a bit tedious. Now, number 2. The self-installer method. When you download a mod like this, it comes ready equiped with its own self-installer that extracts the files into their respective directories itself! VERY conveniant, and easy to use. But note that this type of installer only tends to come with large scale fan-made missions.

4.5: What are the dangers in using mods?: Well, for one thing, if you've put a file in its wrong place, or didn't make a back-up for any of the files you were replacing, you can potentially either be stuck with that mod forever, or not be able to play Deus Ex all together. This occurence is COMMON in "edit mods", that change aspects of the game. One other thing to note is that downloading can fill your computer with unwanted programs, like spy-ware, and viruses. So take GREAT care when downloading in general.

Addendum: Please note that almost all "edit mods" are incompatible with other edit mods.
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User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#5
5.1: Popular Mods

Ok, now that you basically know how to download and install mods, you'll probably want to know which ones are worth downloading. There are many mods out, but only some are worth looking at. And there are even more on the way(or so we're told.)

5.2: So tell me what kind of mods there are: As said in the above topic, there are generally two types of mods. Number 1: Edit mods. These mods change and modify key aspects of the game. And number 2: Fan-made missions. These are usually either stand-alone missions, typically made by beginning modders, or full-blown large scale mission mods, that have a full story, twists, new weapons, and unique gameplay.

5.3: Ok, let's hear em': I'm glad you asked. There will be three categories. Edit mods, mission mods, and coming attractions. Please note that I will ONLY be listing popular mods.

5.4 Edit Mods

Author: Hejhujka

Sounds scary doesn't it? It is. But not the "AHHH! IT'S A ZOMBIE" scary, but the "So there's a room full of killer robots that can rip me apart in under two seconds just ahead..." scary. Basically, this mod is an edit mod, but it may as well be a different game altogether.

It changes aspects of the game, adds new weapons and descriptions, and MANY new elements. The prevailing ones are new augmentations, FASTER enemy reaction times, and the addition of *tons* of enemies to each level, some of them new. You are likely to be killed a billion times before actually finishing the game with this mod enabled.

So where can you find this freaky mod? Well, for a time, it was taken off internet regulation, until JCPhoenix uploaded it to Filefront, so enjoy...;3980740;/fileinfo.html

2. Shifter Mod:
Author: Y|yukichigai

This is a little-known mod that has a relatively large following on the Deus Ex Board. It deserves all the recognition in the world though. What started as a edit to prevent players from constantly picking up the damn combat knife, became MUCH, MUCH more.

This mod adds tons of new elements to the game, just to take all of the silly stuff out of Deus Ex, and replace such things with realistic changes.

New additions include:
New Augmentations
Tweaks to weaponry
Unique weapons
Skill point additions

And much, much more that is all covered in the read-me.

You can find this mod at a dozen different locations, but here's one link.

Addendum: Those are the two most popular, but there are many others. Keep your eyes out for them.
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User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#6
5.5 Fan-Made Missions

1. ZODIAC(Large Scale)
Author: Steve Tack, ZODIAC Development Team

Perhaps the most popular and successful mod for Deus Ex, ZODIAC boasts about 4 chapters of gameplay, each with about two missions, and many seperate maps to go along with them. In the mod, you play as Paul Denton, JC's older brother, who goes on a mission for Tracer Tong to search for an important enemy document. What he eventually discovers goes far beyond MJ-12. Traveling from such locations as the CIA Headquarters in Langley, to Pyramids of Giza, he will have to unfold the mystery before he can even think about combatting it.

Along with its fun and unique gameplay, comes many additions to Deus Ex. New skins, brand new characters, new enemies, more plot twists then you can shake a stick at, and about a good eight hours of solid gameplay, or more. Like Deus Ex, there are tons of ways for you to complete different objectives. Will you bribe? Kill? Find a secret passage? This is definitely a mod you MUST play.


2. REDSUN 2020(Large scale)
Author: REDSUN 2020 Development Team

Second to ZODIAC in successful-ness and popularity is Redsun, which is a VERY long mod, filled with a twisting, sort of hard to follow plot. In the mod, you play as Joseph, a JC Denton look-alike who's been kidnapped by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan. During your intial escape, you get thrust into a quirky conspiracy to take over Japan. Who's masterminding the whole affair? Who, indeed, are you able to trust? And what is the true identity of your benefactor, REDSUN?

This mod is a little hard to follow. It's very long, and the plot sometimes takes unexpected, not very believeable turns. The game features absolutely no new weapons, MANY new textures and objects, and a plethora of side-quests, so many in fact that it can really get you off-track with the rest of the mod. There are many places to travel to, such as Otemachi-Ku, an early city level that alone takes at least two hours to play through on your first time, to a riot-infested out section Shinjukiju, complete with a bank you'll have to rob, a Mardi-Gras entertainment center, and tons of different objectives.

Despite its short comings, this mod will go down in history as one of the greats.


3. Hotel Carone(Relatively large)
Author: Carone

This is another popular mission-mod that is not quite on the scale of Zodiac or Redsun, but is still an ingenious and fun mod in itself. Basically this mod assumes you stay with UNATCO in the game, and you are sent to invesitage Hotel Carone, a UNATCO HQ that has been taken over by terrorists.

It's very short, but it's also quite fun at the same time. There are tons of different methods to saving the hotel, some that I'm sure even I have missed. There are only a few levels, and it's not very heavy on story-line. There are no new textures or characters, save from NPC hostages you rescue. Overall, though, it's a winner.

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User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#7

With all these mods out, it can be pretty easy to forget that many more are on the way. Currently there are three prominent ones that need mentioning.

1. UNATCO Born
Author: Brian McGowan, UNATCO Born Development Team

(Moderate spoilers below...)

Well, you either killed Lebedev or you didn't, but the game makes you become a rebel anyway. Surely some people, myself not included, would be angered over this. This mod, whenever it's released, will be the answer to thy prayers.

Basically, you play as JC Denton, but you remain with UNATCO after the airport level. The mod assumes you've killed Lebedev, and you're still loyal to the United Nations. Thus, your mission is to hunt down your brother, Paul Denton, and detain him...or kill him.

Many new elements are slated to be added, such as the driving of vehicles, new weapons, and other such things. The bad news, however, is that it doesn't look like it's gonna be finished any time soon, or maybe even at all.

Link to Site:


2. Deus Ex 2027
Author: Ded, 2027 Development Team

This is an EXTREMELY promising mod that pulls you back in time, before all that nasty apoclyptic stuff in the 2050's of Deus Ex, to the year 2027. It is essentially a prequel to Deus Ex, which sounds completely orgasmic. In it you will play as an agent for FEMA, and will be sent to Moscow to investigate terrorism in that area. From there, you will discover all the previous things from Deus Ex, such as malevolent Artificial Intelligences, Majestic Twelve, super-secret doom projects, and even characters from the original game, such as Morgan Everett, Sam Carter, and even Lucius DeBeers.

The mod will feature better AI, flexible plot, new skills and augmentations, and even weather! It will also be using a brand new modeling system, called Resurection that will also be compatible with the original Deus Ex. That, and it seems to be going at a steady pace. Definitely worth checking out.

Link to Site:


3. The Nameless Mod
Author: Off-Topic Productions

This is it. The big kahuna of all Deus Ex mods. This is TNM. It has been called many different things, like the best mod of all time, the most anticipated...It has new everything. New AI, new weapons, new form of gameplay, everything. The story itself is extremely silly, but that's perhaps the true magic of it all.

The story, which is a blending of humor and action, follows Trestkon, a former moderator for Planet Deus Ex, which is the government for Forum City, a strange, sureal place where internet meets reality. He has been called back to PDX because the unthinkable has happened. One of the moderators was kidnapped. And so begins TNM.

Predictably, there's a lot to be excited at here. The mod features brand new textures, larger levels, a dynamic, tossy-turvy storyline, and is set to be even longer than Deus Ex itself. And best of all? A fully determined development team that strives every day to get this mod finished. You have to see this mod to believe it.

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User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#8

6.1: Deus Ex Board Mod Detailing.

w00t! Deus Ex Board is gonna have its own mod soon! Currently the main character is slated to be everyones favorite troll smasher and pirate killer, BornIn1142. Along with him will be other playable characters, such as Starvos, Wolfgang, and myself, metroid13. And best yet, almost everyone on the board is gonna be a character! Story is up in the air so far, so for now refer to this topic for information.


7.1: Multiplayer Help.

So you've got the Game of the Year Edition now, and suddenly there's a multiplayer button on the Main Menu. According to your tastes, it will either be seen as a god sent, or a vicious invader. This category will basically deal with all the prominent aspects of multiplayer...

7.2: *cricket chirp.* Where is everybody?: Deus Ex Multiplayer is notoriously unpopular, mostly because the game itself is hard to find. Nevertheless, there are servers, and there are people running around.

7.3: Ah, there they are. Now, which servers are worth going into?: For straight-up action, GODZ server all the way. It has mainly assault weapons, no heavy weapons, and no augmentations. For cool mod action, Wunderland servers are also good, featuring low gravity, and AWESOME custom weapons that'll make you wonder why they weren't put into a mod. Aside from that, there are a whole bunch of other servers, so look around for em.

7.4: UBAR HAX! HE KLIED ME WIT DA SNIPER RIFLE!!!!11!: Calm down, and you'll respawn in no time. Some people are REALLY good at the game, and are likely to eat up newbies to the game for breakfast. Their aim is almost godlike, and reaction times impecable. You'll have to work hard to get to their level. But it is possible.

7.5: Wow, so many mods...: There are tons of new maps and weapons that are multiplayer exclusives. Some break the game hideously, others are just right. Look for new maps to play all the time.

7.6: RPG wha??: Recently RPG maps have become a new craze of Multiplayer, particularly Double D's RPG City, MainMans RPG map, and many others who don't come quite close. One of the old favorites is the Funline: Unlimited Party series. All of these maps tend to feature shops where you exchange money for weapons/furniture/clothing. If you want to be the shopkeeper for the weapon shop, prepare yourself for many headaches, strategical planing, and shouting of "WTF HAX!"

7.7: HE...HE CALLED ME A NOOB!: People tend to get a little too worked up when others put your skills into question. Don't let it get to you, and DON'T stoop down to their level at all, or it'll make you just as bad. People who are nice are generally well-respected on the server, and by contrast, those who are idiots tend to get banned.

7.8: wut wepoons do i use?????: It all depends on your tastes, but the common trend is Assault Rifle, Assault Shotgun, and sniper rifle.

7.9: Uh, problem. I can't get into this server...:There are many reasons why this could be happening. 1. You messed with the files. I told you NOT to do that! 2. You pissed off the admin and now you've been banned. 3. The server crashed while uploading. 4. Password. 5. You don't have a file needed to get in.

"What do you mean your YTMND "pluged" Shifter? Is this some kind of crude sexual term?"-BornIn1142

User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#9

8.1: Deus Ex Fanfiction

With such a rich story environment, people are gonna soon start writing things about the game. And they have been, for a while now. You can usually find them at, in the Deus Ex section of the Video Games category.

9.1: Glitchs and Bugs

There's not much to this topic other than addressing...glitchs and bugs.

9.2: Inventory Glitch: Ever get angry at the lack of space in your inventory when that GEP gun on the ground looks mighty tempting? Never fear, for there is a useful glitch that allows you to pick up extra items when you previously couldn't. For best results, arrange your inventory first. Take the item that is blocking the passage of another item(the one entering your inventory) and drag it out of the inventory box. Now, without letting go of the item, press your inventory button.(Default being "I" or "F1")The item screen should be gone. Pick up the item you want and re-enter your inventory. The item you dragged along should be back in its regular place, while the new item should be behind it! For weapons, this may cause unnecessary headaches when it comes to modding them out, which is why arranging your inventory is a must.(Fixed by Shifter mod)

9.3: Bob Page Glitch: At the level "Vandenburg", a character named Bob Page appears on a hologram screen. If the player shoots at the hologram, Page jumps off the holo-deck and begins to run around. Not really game destroying, but still funny.(Fixed by Shifter mod)

9.4: The Laser/Scope Bug: This one is paticularly annoying. The wonderful laser mod can be attached to most weapons, enabling perfect accuracy for said weapon. However, should the weapon in question have a scope or is fitted with a scope after installing the laser, the lasers effect will stop working. (Fixed by Shifter mod)

"What do you mean your YTMND "pluged" Shifter? Is this some kind of crude sexual term?"-BornIn1142

User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#10
10.1: Where can I buy this?

Good question. Many a topic have been made asking where they can purchase Deus Ex. Be aware that is technically a limited product, as Deus Ex is no longer being produced.

10.2: Well? WHERE?!: Your local game store should have it. I've seen it mainly in EB Games.

10.3: And how much?: Should be from five to ten dollars. Its old, so its cheap.

That concludes this FAQ, which can and will change as new mods are released and new bugs and glitches are uncovered(unlikely). Feel free to add suggestions to what I've laid down. I hope this all helps.
"What do you mean your YTMND "pluged" Shifter? Is this some kind of crude sexual term?"-BornIn1142
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