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User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#31
*New Section!*

Miscellaineous Questions.

11.1: Ok, so Paul is dead. Anyway to avoid this?: A timeless question, one that has been asked time and TIME again, which has withstood the test of...time. Anyway, this apparently ageless question has ONE SIMPLE answer. Paul tell's you to go out through the window. Don't go out through the window, and your brother will be fine. You may die, or just go out the front door, but NEVER go out through the window.

Addendum: This section is privy to being added upon. A lot.
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User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#32
*New Section!*

Interacting with Cheats.

12.1: how do u enalbe cheets enway?: The default talk setting for DX is "t". Press t, and the word "say" should come up on the screen. Erase "say", and type "set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True.". You have just enabled cheats.

12.2: wut can u do wit dem?: Lot's of stuff, kid. You can spawn NPCs(other characters in the world), weapons, set variables for weapons, and for NPC's, and you can spawn objects like furniture as well! More importantly, however, for those faint of heart, you can tweak the very world around you, enabling you to move about the world with spectre-like abilities(for the uneducated, like a GHOST), become a God among Men, deflecting bullets and rockets as if they were mere toys. (As in taking no damage when they hit you...)You can also give yourself augmentations. All is covered in this section, AND in the Cheats and Hints section on the Deus Ex page.

12.3: How do you spawn NPCs?: Erase say. Type in "summon *****(* being the NPC name.). That's it. For example: "summon jaimereyes." And the good ol' Spanish doctor should appear right in front of you.

12.4: me has hord rumoors dat u can spawn more npcz at wunce. o rly?:(Translation: Can you spawn more than one NPC, or anything, at a time?): Ya rly. That is, here's how you do it; Erase say, and type "spawnmass ***** (* being the NPC or object name)##(# being the amount you wish to spawn.) For example: spawnmass bobpage 20 . GASP! It must be an evil world leader convention! For another example: spawnmass chair1 20. 20 chairs should appear right before your eyes.

12.5: how do u spawn wepoons?: To spawn weapons, erase say, and type "summon weapon****(* being the weapon name.) For example, summon weaponpistol. A pistol should appear. Viola.

12.6: OMG U CAN BECUM GOD????????: Yup. Erase say, and type in "god". Simple. You can also clip(go through walls) around a level by typing "ghost."

12.7: What's Legend?: A nifty secret menu. Erase say and type in "legend", and the menu should appear. From here, you can load any level, and listen to Deus Ex music!

12.8: I feel like getting complicated. What are some things I can do with my new minions?: Well, you can give them orders. You can make them wander, stand still, sit down in a chair, follow you, and even make them dance at your whim(note that only a few NPC's have the "dance" animation.) To do this, you must enter a specific code.

For example:

"set annanavarre orders following"

Note that Anna MUST be on the map first, before you enter this code, so it'd be safe to spawn her first(if she is not a character in that map), and then spawn another to follow you. Now the gun-toting Anna will follow you, and even fight any NPC's who fire at you. This, however, brings me to another point. Sometimes, the NPC's with guns, who are following you, will become frightened at the sheer abundance of badass-ness you possess, and begin to fight you! (That is, if you fire a gun near them too much, they'll start shooting you.)

To remedy this, you must set their alliance.

For example:

"set annanavarre alliance player"

Now Anna won't turn on you no matter what! Even if you plug her a dozen times with a pistol, her loyalty shall be unwavering!

Anyway, back to the orders. To make NPC's do various things, enter the following into their orders.

dancing, stationary, standing, following, sitting

12.9: Can I arm my NPC minions?: Only in UnReal Ed. Other than that, some NPCs, namely important characters, come pre-equiped with weapons.

Addendum: Don't overspawn, or the game will eventually slow down.
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User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#33
*New Question!*

Miscellaineous Questions.

11.2: Uh, so where is this secret armoury I keep hearing about?: Looking for Alex's secret stash, huh? Oddly enough, it is one of the most hard to find places in the game, if you're new. To find it, go into the communications office, where Alex works, and put yourself in front of the pinball machine, right next to the table in the middle of the room, scan the floor around that area, until you see the word "open" on your cursor. Open it up for the goodies inside! The secret armoury will typically contain things like weapon mods, credits, cigarettes, etc...

For extra help, here is a picture, courtesy of Dark Penguin.
"What do you mean your YTMND "pluged" Shifter? Is this some kind of crude sexual term?"-BornIn1142

User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#34
Also, you can visit this place for goodies each time you visit UNATCO HQ.
"What do you mean your YTMND "pluged" Shifter? Is this some kind of crude sexual term?"-BornIn1142

User Info: DX_Chick

11 years ago#35
I think you should request that the other DX Faq be deleted so it doesn't keep getting bounced to the top anytime the sticky is posted in.
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User Info: Litehawk

11 years ago#36
I'm trying to patch the game to get the newest version, but I can't find a place to download the update from. Umm any places?
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User Info: metroid13

11 years ago#37
"What do you mean your YTMND "pluged" Shifter? Is this some kind of crude sexual term?"-BornIn1142

User Info: Echelon2

11 years ago#38
9.8: If the game is running abnormally fast and you are on a laptop, go to your power settings and change your power profile to 'Always On'
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User Info: Deviouscoundral

11 years ago#39
chick hasn't been posting as much lately. Once she stops posting this board is done for. Born and metroid can't hold this board together.
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User Info: jetsetlemming

11 years ago#40
you should include a section on the coolest hidden stuff, like the room under Alex's office, and the collapsed tunnel in Hong Kong.
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