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User Info: Flexible Bullet

Flexible Bullet
11 years ago#41
What was the special limited edition?

This is a scam that Eidos pulled. One would think that with such a title, it would be the game with some sort of bonus included. It's merely a demo. After you go through a portion of the game (that I won't mention for spoiler purposes), a screen pops up advertising the game.

I've looked carefully at every bit of the packaging and nowhere does it mention that it's not the full game. Technically I suppose they can get away with it by having "Limited" in the title.
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User Info: Echelon2

11 years ago#42
^ Yeah it snagged me. When the game stopped after the breakout, the string of profanities I unleashed would embarass Bill Hicks.
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User Info: fmer50

11 years ago#43
Not sure if this has been noticed before, but I can't see it in the topic. N.B. I am using Shifter v1.6

Crate glitch: if you carry an item crate into another map, an item associated with that type of crate is dropped on the boundary. If you re-enter the map, you can pick it up. This works best in the UNATCO HQ.
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User Info: DXNathan

11 years ago#44
Regarding the suggestion for the coolest hidden stuff... I agree.

There are a lot of FAQs on GameFAQs that cover all that... but how about a section of stuff that DX veterans don't always know about. And/or the most important tricks.

For example (and I have never seen this in a FAQ) when you start a new game, downgrade your pistol skill to Untrained. The game will upgrade it to Trained for you, at no cost - you've just got yourself... 1575 skill points IIRC. Free!

I play DX with cheats from time to time, but I also play honest games. But even in an honest game, I do not think it is cheating to exploit such glitches in the game. Like when you're captured, hitting the Inventory button (default F1) and dumping everything, then picking up the duplicates in the Armory. (I haven't tried it, but once I will carry every Upgrade Canister I find to that point, get captured, and try to duplicate them.) It's underhanded, but you can do it without entering cheat codes.

Speaking of getting captured, on page 2, 3, or 4 you (metroid13) added a bit about how to save Paul. I know, walk out the front door. But there's so many of them! Well, I got a way to solve that. First, before talking to Paul (thus triggering the MiB speech), open his little hidey hole with the computer. Talk to him, then run to the door. Get the MiBs to follow you in... then run in the closet, turn on your lamp (default F12), find the switch, and hit it. Now go make yourself some tea or whatever, pace around the room a bit, wait for things to quiet down. Let yourself out. There may be more of them... again, lead them to Paul, let him do the dirty work. He's invincible. You must surrender to Gunther or die yourself, but I like to get past Anna (if I haven't killed her on Lebedev's jet) and go out in a blaze of glory in Battery Park. I figure, you gotta die anyway, best to get as far as you can, for the purpose of enjoying the game.

Add those two tricks (extra skill points, and hiding in the closet) - those are two I've recently learned.

Also, keeping Sandra Renton in Hell's Kitchen, for what it's worth (you still get the key at the gas station later, her not being there changes nothing)... I've read that you have to arm Gilbert and let him kill JoJo Fine... Not entirely true. You do have to arm Gilbert, but he only has to hit JoJo first. After Gilbert draws blood, it's open season on the punk. Because Gilbert often runs out of ammo, and runs away, JoJo after him. I end up shooting or hitting JoJo in the back, and Sandra still stays, and provided Gilbert lives, you get the "good" ending to that subplot.

User Info: jetsetlemming

11 years ago#45
Why is getting her to stay in a hellhole like dx's hell's kitchen the "good" ending? I prefer her tomove on to Eugene, Oregon (even though she only gets as far as the underworld bar and Vinny).
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User Info: DXNathan

11 years ago#46
I always thought it was the good ending because she works things out with her father. For the whole subplot, she resents his efforts to look after her, because he's being passive about it. She even lets men sexually abuse her, because it defies her father, makes her feel free of her life with him. But when he stands up to JoJo for her, takes action on her behalf, she realizes he really does care and puts forth some effort to make things work, so that ending makes me feel good.

I want kids one day, especially girls, and I think a girl/woman should have a good relationship with her father. It's not a requirement to have a good love life, but it helps put her on the right track. That's reading too much into the situation, though; the first paragraph is dead-on how I feel about that subplot.

User Info: Litehawk

11 years ago#47
is there any way to get the patch without having to pay mone for a file planet subscription?
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User Info: DXNathan

11 years ago#48
@LiteHawk - I personally hate FilePlanet - it's the (insert name of undesireable body part here) of the Internet.

You don't have to pay FilePlanet, but paying them will move you to the front of the line. What they do for non-paying visitors is set up a queue, where you have to wait a set time to download a file. It's a mess, but not all that bad. If you have a free account, just start the download and wait. If you want it faster, you'll have to look elsewhere.

If you don't have a free account, meet BugMeNot. Go to, type in the address (, and it'll give you an account set up for tossaway access. You can do that on just about any site with free but worthless registration. Use your login/pass from BugMeNot at Fileplanet, and use it to login. That's not a paid account, mind you, but a free one anyone can get.

Filefront is another site that has patches, mods, and the like. If by patch, you mean the latest DX patch, just Google it. I have it archived, but it's about 36MB - much too big to email. As I'm on dialup, I keep everything I download - paying for hard drives is better than downloading at about 15MB/hour at best. (I have 680GB total hard drive space.) Here's the name of the file I have: [DeusExMPPatch1112fm.exe] (without the brackets). Also check filesharing networks for it - such as eMule. Note that you should run an updated virus scanner over anything you get on p2p.

If you mean Shifter or Hardcore, I was able to get those without going through that abomination known as Fileplanet.

User Info: jetsetlemming

11 years ago#49
O.o;;;; You can get 15 MBs an hour on your dial-up? Did your modem come from a crashed UFO or something? Sure, theorectically a dial-up can, but I've never heard of it actually acheiving maximum download speed.
"Your accuracy is soo bad, you defy the laws of physics"
-Zak X

User Info: DXNathan

11 years ago#50
Eh, maybe 10. I haven't properly clocked it. I just know it's pretty slow. I used to have DSL, and Dialup is pathetically slow in comparison. Now that I think on it, it did take me plenty more than two and a half hours to download the latest K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, and that's about 35MB. Though I'm sure I can get Firefox (which is about 5MB) inside of 20 minutes, which would give me the 15MB/hour, but all this is beside the point. ;-)
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