Can anyone help me troubleshoot a problem?

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User Info: Boct1584

3 years ago#1
My PC setup: Windows 7 Ultimate x86, 2gb RAM, 1.8 GhZ dual-core processor, 360gb hard drive @ 7200 RPM, GeForce 9500 GT video card

My Deus Ex setup: version, Kentie's Launcher, New Vision, Shifter, 1280x800 resolution

My problem: Whenever NPCs are firing guns, the game lags really badly.

What I've tried to solve the problem:

* turn off Detail Textures
* set color to 16-bit instead of 32-bit
* disable New Vision
* Switching between Chris Dohnal's Direct3D 9 rendering engine and his OpenGL engine.
* Switching the process affinity for DeusEx.exe from two cores to one core, and back again.

What I haven't tried:

* using Kentie's Direct3D 10 rendering engine
* using one of the default rendering engines that game with the game.
* disabling Shifter (would necessitate restarting my game)
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User Info: Boct1584

3 years ago#2
So if I've troubleshot properly, the problem is not actually NPCs shooting, it's the red screen flash when JC takes damage. I have no idea what setting I could change either in the launcher or in my video card options. Kentie's DX10 renderer helps a bit, but not much. Anyone?
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User Info: Boct1584

3 years ago#3
Problem solved. It was something to do with using Shifter v1.9 RC1 without the new beta packs for HDTP.
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