New Strategy for last Night Elf Mission on Hard

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User Info: Qprime

8 years ago#1
So I spent 3 days beating the campaign on hard. I got the last mission and realized it is impossible (unless it isn’t, has anyone beaten that legit?) so I discovered a strategy to beat it. Afterwards I looked up what gamefaqs said to do and most strategies involve messing up their base transition, which seems effective but I wanted to share what I did which could be easier for some people on normal and hard.

[b]reaches the circle of power in the finals seconds. In order to beat this, all you do is send a couple of buildings in to the surrounding forest by eating a line of trees out of the sight of the undead. When I did this successfully I sent 4 buildings into the forest near the circle of power and another by a gold mine for back up. For more security I built the druid that turn into birds and sent them by the world tree. Gargoyles attack them if they stay birds but I turned them into druids so air units ignore them and ground units can’t reach them.

So the computer can’t detect a walking building, so they will leave you alone until the 1 minute mark when Archisomething will make a run for the circle of power. At around the 2 minute mark I sent all my buildings out from the trees and in front of the circle of power. At around the one minute mark I had the druids do that same. Basically you just need enough units that it takes Archisomething 17 seconds to kill them. You could probably do it with a just a tree of eternity, but I went overboard because I didn’t want to wait another 45 minutes if it didn’t work.
Okay so has anyone done that before, or is the base building glitch just more popular? If I made that up I hope that helps anyone who needs help with that level. It is a pretty easy way to beat it and involves no real fighting.

User Info: Wu_Zonghai

8 years ago#2
I just pump hippogryph archers and archers and starfall and use the hero spells
Cry me a river, build yourself a bridge and GET OVER IT.

User Info: lalala_la

8 years ago#3
Hmm, I was able to successfully defend the Human base for the whole 30 minutes or so with Hippogryph Riders on normal well does it work on hard?
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