An example of what the Dreamcast was capable of

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User Info: GeneralGrimlock

7 years ago#1
The visuals in this game are truly stunning and show the amazing potential of the Dreamcast. It would be easy to mistake this game for an XBox driving game, such is the degree of detail. It has the look of an XBox game, with its lighting and detail.

The transition between day and night is truly incredible, and amazingly subtle, its full of little details.
It plays superbly too, whether playing a championship or enjoying a 10 minute race through 24 hours Le Mans is a superb racer, ranking alongside Ferrari F355

There are 5 million polygons on screen; 2 million more than the Dreamcast's supposed limit. The DC was discontinued just as developers were beginning to push it.
There's a tendency to judge the Dreamcast by its early games, but games like Le Mans, Shenmue 2, Sonic Adventure 2, and Skies of Arcadia boasted new levels of polygon and especially texture detail (the PS2's weakness; IMHO the PS2 never surpassed the texture detail of the DC's final games).

Imagine what might have been on the horizon for the Dreamcast had it continued; 5 million poly games (and don't forget the DC has a neat trick in differed rendering; only rendering what you see), highly detailed textures (the PS2 would struggle to compete with the latter).

User Info: snowblind

7 years ago#2
Very much agreed. I felt the same after first playing Le Mans too, lamenting the DC's early death knowing it was capable of much more. I think it looks better than a lot of the last-gen racing games even, and because of the handling and physics it still plays a lot better than some current-gen racers. I love the look of the sky in LM and just how many cars it gets onscreen at once, and highly detailed ones too. It's a brilliant game. Given the choice of playing this or Forza 3 for any of the circuits that they share, this wins.

If only things had gone differently. :(
Yeah, he's a freaking idiot. I don't know how I put up with him.
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