High Tech Jobs needed

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User Info: palingenesis

9 years ago#1
they keep telling me I need high tech jobs and a high tech industry. ive built the science center, medical research center but they still bug me about how there is no high tech jobs. what do i to get them to stop bugging me!?
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User Info: Crimsonhead4

9 years ago#2
to get high tech jobs you have to do a number of things. First enact pollution ordinances that fine high polluting industries, that will chase them out. Next enact other ordinances that encourage the growth of high tech industries, not sure which ones but if you click the question mark next to them, your advisor will get into greater detail with them. Finally build many educational facilities such as museums, libraries, etc. You need a highly educated workforce to fill the jobs of high tech industry.

User Info: furdude2

9 years ago#3
And don't forget that it takes years for educated people to get out of school, and yes you can have them early, you just have to encourage it, as soon as you can build schools and make sure that you have enough when they start having too many people to teachers build another one... and libraries and museums for the older ones. help keep the EQ up, the higher the EQ the better the jobs come in.
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