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C/D - PWG is the best North American indy promotion right now.

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User Info: 619King

6 years ago#1
C (IMO).

For the past few years PWG hasn't really had any bad shows. They deliver consistently entertaining shows with talent you really don't get to see in any other big indy promotions.

Idk why I just felt like praising PWG here. *shrugs*

While I'm talking about PWG though, I hope they book Bad Intentions (Karl Anderson and Giant Bernard aka A-Train) for the next DDT4 to wrestle The Cutler Bros. or KOW.
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User Info: La_Mascara_Lobo

6 years ago#2
By a wide margin.

User Info: QuestionAsker

6 years ago#3
Yeah, PWG shows are the easiest to sit through, and I never skip anything. It also has matches you won't see elsewhere. (Where else could you have seen Tozawa/Hero, and next Tozawa/Edwards)

User Info: TheFireBird

6 years ago#4
I'm still a fan of RoH although over the last year they have had great matches...they seem to have the SAME great matches over and over again.

I look at today compared to one year ago and the only thing missing is Tyler Black and Eddie Edwards is pushed. Nothing else has changed.
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User Info: FarFromFields

6 years ago#5
D. ROH and CHIKARA sometimes switch places at 1 and 2 but PWG is always 3rd.
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User Info: Unknown Nomad

Unknown Nomad
6 years ago#6
obvious answer for me is C
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User Info: yellow_skittle7

6 years ago#7
Deny, I don't think a fed without storylines can be the best but I still like watching it sometimes. It's my 3rd favorite behind ROH and WWE.
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User Info: 619King

6 years ago#8
I'm watching London/Generico right now. I realized even though London does lots of non-wrestling, he's just really entertaining. I love his character in PWG.
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User Info: Mr Eff

Mr Eff
6 years ago#9
D for me.

The wrestling is generally better than CHIKARA, but there's a good quarter of the PWG roster that could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn't shed a tear. So much stuff that's technically "good," but that I just don't care a lick about.
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User Info: ilovesage_2

6 years ago#10
Confirm, anyone that denies it is a nerd.
No, YOU suck!
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