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If Brooke Hogan ever does porn...

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User Info: jjonc2003

4 years ago#1
would she rip the bra like her dad does with his shirt?
GT: All American619
13 Wrestlemania's in a row attended (WMX-Seven - ???) and counting...

User Info: chrisat928

4 years ago#2
Wasn't that in Chyna's wrestling porn?
SEN: chrisproto ( #StopMichaelBay
Growing old is mandatory; Growing up is optional.

User Info: nitepanther1987

4 years ago#3
Expected "Would Hulk be in it too?"

You know it brother!
Don't even bother trying. You're just gonna fail and look stupid anyways.

User Info: tunkenmonk

4 years ago#4
Anyone have pics of her bare feet?
Stompin' Zutch Boys

User Info: Camston187

4 years ago#5
tunkenmonk posted...
Anyone have pics of her bare feet?

Oh my. One of you.

Always creepy.
AndreLeGiant, we hardly knew ye

User Info: Scroe

4 years ago#6
her catchphrase will be "My boobs are out"

User Info: ShiningFetus

4 years ago#7
Brookamainacs are coming wild!
Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

User Info: xcrookededgedx

4 years ago#8
Whatcha gonna do, Brooke, when the 12-inch pythons run wild on you?
Help make Timesplitters HD!

User Info: akuma634

4 years ago#9
Hogan Blows Best

User Info: Angleslam2K

4 years ago#10
There actually is a Hogan knows best porn parody
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  3. If Brooke Hogan ever does porn...

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