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I think Magnus should win the BfG Series & TNA Title

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User Info: JoCrazy

4 years ago#1
I know most are still pulling for AJ to win, but really, I think Magnus is the better option.

Magnus is only like 25 or 26, yet he wrestles and carries him self like he's been in wrestling for 15 years. He has everything TNA, WWE, or any company would want.

Why not pull the trigger now? He's not green anymore. The fans that go to the shows love him. He's great on the mic and good in the ring. Not to mention a look that can marketed well.

As much as of an AJ Styles fan I've been over last 12 years, I fully support Magnus taking the TNA World Belt of Bully Ray for good. AJ, if still in TNA, can get a Title shot later.
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User Info: Flaming_Fire619

4 years ago#2
Just like it was a good idea for Sabin to win the belt, right?

If Magnus wins the belt, that will make even AJ's face turn seem completely pointless. It will make it so that this whole year, everything that Styles has been doing, will be for absolutely nothing. The stipulation from last BFG, this whole "emo AJ" thing that they've had going on because he can't go for the belt, all of it will mean Jack **** if Magnus out of nowhere wins the belt.

Of course, this is TNA, so this will probably happen.
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User Info: Dart_Feld7

4 years ago#3
I don't want it to happen but it wouldn't surprise be if they have Anderson win and run a Aces and 8s faction split angle.
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User Info: marcfisher

4 years ago#4
Magnus winning the title would get a huge amount of press coverage in the UK being a former Gladiator and current World Strongest Man host.
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User Info: MrJinxed

4 years ago#5
Nah its not magnus time yet! Hes busy with the mem and a&8's storyline and hopefully he elminates them all. Next year is his time, after we get rid of the gangs.

Favourite is aj and i hope he stays in his high flier mode as its awesome and aj. However i hope one of the extra ordinary gentlemen win it just because them lot are the closest in tna imo. Will just make for a few laughs.

User Info: MRW1215

4 years ago#6
Yeah, I'd say let AJ take this for now, because it feels like they've been hinting at going this direction for almost a year now. Magnus has a bright future ahead of him in TNA, but I don't think it's quite his time, just yet.

Personally, I see Magnus getting the Bobby Roode treatment. That is, they'll push him as a big face, but when he actually wins the belt, he'll have a big heel turn, and he'll be the next "top heel" in TNA. Hell, perhaps he'll even be the one to win the title off of AJ Styles.
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User Info: ufoivy

4 years ago#7
If there were a time when predicable is good, it would be AJ Styles winning the Bound for Glory series and winning the belt off of Bully Ray, and not in a Chris Sabin getting his ass squashed the whole match and then winning way either.
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User Info: Bigbot84

4 years ago#8
At this point the AJ storyline is a lost cause. Bully lost it to Sabin, Sabin lost it to Bully, and AJ turned face out of nowhere. Magnus is the future and I would support making him champion at BFG.
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User Info: thescorpion

4 years ago#9
There is only two wrestlers in the bFG Series that deserve to win the TNA Title.

Christopher Daniels because he very long overdue for his first TNA World Championship reign in TNA sadly, he is stuck in a tag team with Kaz.

Magnus as I want see him become the first Englishman to win the TNA World Championship.
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User Info: DonkeyMessiahXX

4 years ago#10
How does being English translate to deserving the title? Don't get me wrong, I want him to win it some day too, but that isn't really a reason or deserving it.

AJ last won the world title 4 years ago. In fact, I think his last title match was against Roode in December of 2011. I think he is pretty deserving.
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  3. I think Magnus should win the BfG Series & TNA Title

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