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The Free Independent Wrestling Topic.

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User Info: CJ_Flash_Man

4 years ago#1
So, because a lot of people want to go on about how the indy scene is pretty much dead, with no real stand out stars and stuff like ROH/PWG being good, but pretty much being in a never ending loop, I wanted to bring some fresh things to the table. I did this before and others have too, but it can never hurt to try and expose people to new talent/feds and try to showcase what is out there. So with that said, I'm gonna post full shows, matches, channels, etc, all stuff that is updated frequently and features today's talent and today's feds that fly under the radar, with some more known, but still free content.

Beyond Wrestling -

Now, admittedly, this isn't entirely my cup of tea, they aim for the "INDYTASTIC" style, but to their credit, they do try to bring some fresh talent to the table, while mixing in some more notable stars. They occasionally put up free matches from their shows, but the main meat is their All Killer episodes, which are an hour and have 3-4 matches packed into them.

Atlantic Pro Wrestling -

Showed up in the related video section last night on some random indy match. These guys aren't the best quality, but they are putting up full shows, which the most recent one is from last month like 2-3 weeks ago. They have, at least for a small time indy fed, a nice set up. Commentary, post production stuff, etc, etc. Not everything is top notch, but I was watching some of it and it's not that bad. If anything, some of those guys stand out more and could be valuable assets to a bigger indy fed.

Assortment of East Coast indies -

Most of this stuff seems to come from PA, NY, and a handful of surrounding states. Not full shows, at least not in one long video, just matches. I suppose it omits promos and stuff, but it's not bad if you just want to see some fresh talent. There are some notable guys, CHIKARA guys, Delirious pops up in one of the more recent matches, so it's a nice mix of stuff.

Head Drop -

Covers two feds, if not more, but I only see two feds being covered. One is an hour long show and the other is a half hour. Again, may not be like the pinnacle of the indies, but it's far from garbage and could be something to check out if you have the time.

UWA Elite -

Has two weekly shows, one being a minor Heat/Velocity/Xplosion/etc/etc type show that has less story progression, but focuses on mostly matches. Then they have a bigger RAW/Impact/etc type show that sets up their bigger shows and features promos, recaps, and more in addition to the wrestling.

Devil Mountain Wrestling -

Mostly shows broken down match by match, with some post show/pre show promos and stuff sprinkled in. I can't speak much about them, other than I've watched matches here and there, but again, may not be the absolute best, but it's worth checking out if you want to see something new.

And that's it for now, but there are tons more that I can cover and as always, it's as simple as searching indy wrestling on youtube. The talent is out there, the content is out there, a lot of it is free, so if you're looking for something a bit newer and want to see just what kind of talent is out there, which one could be the next breakout star, heck even getting a fed some recognition and helping it get some more fans, it's all available and easy to access.
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User Info: Nasty_Nitro

4 years ago#2
Bump because this board hates indy wrestling

Beyond Wrestling is dope
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User Info: IAmMC2

4 years ago#3
Great topic idea, this might get some lesser known feds a little bit of exposure too.
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User Info: XfreehueyX

4 years ago#4
Fantastic thread. I'll be coming back to this later when I have some more time to explore.

User Info: CJ_Flash_Man

4 years ago#5
IAmMC2 posted...
Great topic idea, this might get some lesser known feds a little bit of exposure too.

That's the goal, I'll bring some more to the table tomorrow as there are numerous indy feds that are putting up free content.
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User Info: CJ_Flash_Man

4 years ago#6
Some more updates

C4W -

Only 3 shows up so far, which may or may not mean they aren't going to continue uploading them. But since the last one is from within the last month, I'll let them slide. It's not one of the better ones in terms of quality, but it's still some decent wrestling.

NWA Smokey Mountain-

One of the better ones I've come across, featuring lots of great talent and great matches. Serves as hype for their bigger shows, but still features a nice array of matches, including closing moments of their big matches to really hype up the action. This is one of the ones I'd say check out if you have the time.

Assortment of indies -

The guy who runs this channel refs for the Devil Mountain fed I posted earlier, but he also has matches up from other feds that he works for. So if you're purely looking for matches and not interested in any stories or anything, this is for you.

CWF Mid-Atlantic -

This is one of the premier ones in my opinion. Andrew Everette aka Chiva Kid who has been making waves as of late works here and they have a lot of great talent. Mostly hype videos, with some matches, but they do have some full shows up there. Definitely one to check out and they do iPPVs and stuff, so if you like what you see, this is the only one I've posted so far that you can support financially. But even if you don't, it's still a great fed to check out.
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User Info: falk aspargs

falk aspargs
4 years ago#7
I have been wanting to go to Beyond Wrestling, but they always run shows on Sundays and I can't really afford to take Sundays off from work :/
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User Info: CJ_Flash_Man

4 years ago#8
Victory Championship Wrestling -

Another one with half hour shows once a week, covering hype, promos, matches, etc, etc. What's funny is that, they are involved in an angle with the APW fed I posted earlier, so you get some cross promotional clips and some hype for both fed's shows.
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User Info: CJ_Flash_Man

4 years ago#9
Impact Zone Wrestling -

They used to air their shows for free through Go Fight Live, but now they charge, or they were last time I checked. They have their weekly shows, as well as iPPVs, but this channel seems to put up a handful of matches from the month, so it's worth checking out.
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User Info: ZeroV2

4 years ago#10
Tag, nice topic OP
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