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Inter Species Wrestling had a ****ing amazing show tonight.

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User Info: Dwaze_Zaken

3 years ago#1
Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper
November 16, 2013
Danbury, CT

First Round:
Shynron & Kitsune vs. Tremendous Investigations, Inc. (Dan Barry & Bill Carr)

All Ivory Is Legal (Leon St. Giovanni & Jaka) vs. The Food Fighters (Bastian Snow & Pasquale The Italian Chef)

The Gladd Boys (Craiglist Homo & Gladd Badd) vs. The Badd Boys (Brad & Chad Badd)

Team BFFs (Jigsaw & Gran Akuma) vs. Tarbanak de Team (Mathieu St-Jacques & Thomas Dubois)

ISW Undisputed King of Crazy Title Match:
Pinkie Sanchez (c) vs. Chris Dickinson

ISW World Championship Title Match:
Izzie Deadyet (c) vs. "Dirty" Buxx Belmar

Highlights of the Night:
1. The Food Fighters. Seriously, this team is so entertaining and are great in the ring too.

2. Pinkie Sanchez diving fifteen feet off a balcony onto Chris Dickinson.

3. The whole ISW World Championship match. It had everything from great hardcore wrestling to disgusting and deplorable actions from Buxx Belmar.

4. Bill Carr killing Kitsune with an open hand chop. It sounded like a gun went off in the room.

As a whole, this show was solid from top to bottom. A few matches had botches in them, most notably the ISW Undisputed King of Crazy match. Still, I would recommend anyone to buy this show if you're even remotely interested in ISW or just want a solid wrestling show in your collection.
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User Info: King_Hutton

3 years ago#2
I heard that some random local punk band (Two Fisted Law) was playing, I'm disappointed I couldn't make it.
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User Info: falk aspargs

falk aspargs
3 years ago#3
It was my first ISW show since their USA debut however many years ago. That chop from Bill Carr may have been the worst sounding chop I have ever heard. The Food Fighters were awesome, and that was some delicious bread lol. The Conchairto with the potato chips was great. And is that AR Fox that was teaming with Kitsune?
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User Info: EricCrapton

3 years ago#4
ISW is still going huh? Good for them. I don't know much of their stuff, because I've only seen old Youtube clips. But I enjoyed it. I live in Pittsburgh so I doubt I will ever get a chance to go see a show.
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  3. Inter Species Wrestling had a ****ing amazing show tonight.

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