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Does Japanese wrestling have that old school feel?

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User Info: DaGame007

4 years ago#1
By old school I mean does it retain focus on the action and not the drama aspects? I have a hard time trying to get the feeling from watching WWE and even TNA. I still watch them but its more like background noise at this point with me.

I loved watching WCW Saturday Night, Worldwide, and WWE Velocity for these reasons... Focus on the wrestlers and not crap like social media and weak storylines.
To a point, yes. The in-ring action is the focal point, though if you're searching for wrestling devoid of any and all storylines, you'll still be a bit put-off. NJPW has a great balance of in-ring action and story.
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User Info: Ronstera

4 years ago#3
I think Noah is perfect for you..
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User Info: Kingjoe110

4 years ago#4
Ronstera posted...
I think Noah is perfect for you..

If he wants to watch a corpse slowly decay then yes.

User Info: Rude__Awakening

4 years ago#5
You should probably give some indy wrestling a try first, probably PWG.

A lot of Japanese wrestling could be considered slow paced and American indys work sort of the same just with more fast paced and sometimes more flashy work. Maybe some prime ROH to get acclimated to the different style before diving straight into Japan. It will also allow you to appreciate it more IMO OLE! OLE!

User Info: AndreLeGeant

4 years ago#6
I think NJPW is perfect. Angles complement matches.
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User Info: JoCrazy

4 years ago#7

Look for "NJPW GREATEST MATCHES" in titles and enjoy.
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