So I wanna play evil...

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User Info: Lord_Guster

9 years ago#1
Completely I mean, but what happens if I do only evil deeds and zero good deeds? I assume my rep will go down to 1 eventually, right? Now I don't mind about high prices in stores but what else happens if you hit lowest rep? and how bad is it?

User Info: Lord_Guster

9 years ago#2
And another important thing.. I know there are only 3 evil NPCs in SOA so if I want my party to be purely evil, how will I make it a 6 members party?

User Info: crowman

9 years ago#3
1. I don't know for sure (my current evil game has only hit rep 4 so far) but I believe that when your rep hits 2 or 1, random groups of city guards will start spawning to attack you each time you enter an area.

2. There's one more you can eventually get if you have ToB, but until then there are some chaotic neutral npc's you can take to make up the numbers, or you can start a multiplayer game, create 3 evil npc's and assign yourself control of all 3, once the game has begun you save and exit, then move the save folder from the multiplayer folder to the singleplayer folder and play on as normal.

User Info: joefitts63

9 years ago#4
This game is not geared to playing evil. Yes, you can do it, but almost none of the quests have an evil path, so you will either do good or miss out on a LOT of experience points. And you don't want your rep to get too low anyway, because guards start attacking you on sight and that sort of thing.

You just have to play with your best interests in mind, and not worry about it if you help out others as a side effect.

And to get a full party, you just add some neutral aligned party members, of course.
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User Info: LagothZanta

9 years ago#5
I really enjoyed playing an evil character.

You can rob all the shops right at the beginning and start off with some very nice equipment.

You do have to watch the rep. I would just play how I wanted and if the rep dropped too low (usually from a failed robbery causing me to massacre an entire family) I would just pay off the local church. Occasionally I was attacked by the local guard, but that just added to the outlaw feeling.

I played a 4 man party: Me (assassin), Edwin, Korgan, Viconia.

User Info: mithiirym

9 years ago#6
I recommend installing the Tiax mod at and/or Valen from
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User Info: red255

9 years ago#7
Neutral Characters can be used to fill up the party.

Though the druids are not really neutral, Don't think Jan or Yoshimo mind the evil. Or heardalis.
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User Info: J3do

9 years ago#8
BG2 really pushes you to take the good path. The game gets really annoying if you are evil with guards spawning all the time. Also, I think you have to pay more at shops.

I have to respect BG2 though. It makes being evil more realistic. A big problem with newer games you can just be evil and there are no real consequences, and by newer games I'm talking about Fable/every new Bioware game.
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User Info: HaroldV

9 years ago#9
G3's Tweaks mod has components to alter or entirely remove the reputation penalties with merchants.
Luizmods (from Sorcerers Place) has a great Blackguard kit for evil games.
Jan and Haer'Dalis fit fine with a evil party.

User Info: Excalibur1027

9 years ago#10
I've played through in evil game before, and it was probably one of the most entertaining campaigns I've ever played in BG2. As others have said, the game isn't really balanced in making the difficulty the same for good and evil players. Evil games are much more challenging and satisfying IMO. And as for the lack of evil NPCs, Korgan, Viconia, and Edwin are all you need. Korgan is already one of the best tanks/attackers, Viconia heals and has innate magic resistance (and gives you an option to romance), Edwin is arguably the best mage in the game, and your PC should provide thieving skills by playing a rouge kit (I went Assassin).
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