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User Info: LagothZanta

9 years ago#1
I realize that stoneskin and pfmw are both better defenses than a low AC, and that trading AC for immunities and extra attacks is often preferable.

But, as an interesting exercise, what is the lowest achievable AC in this game? I will not consider temporary effects such as spells, or AC vs a certain kind of attack. I will assume ToB is installed.

This is what I came up with:

Class: swashbuckler, AC -8 by 40th level
Dex: 21 gives AC -5
Armor: White Dragon Scale, AC - 12 (or base of -2 if you prefer to think of it that way)
[Drow Full Plate +5 gives better, but that doesn't last, so I didn't count it]
Helmet: Balduran, AC -1
Shield: Darksteel, AC - 5
Cloak: Cloak of the Sewers, AC -1
Ring 1: Ring of the Gaxx, AC -2
Ring 2: Ring of Earth Control AC -1
Weapon: Dak'kon Zerth's Blade, AC - 1
Other: Evil Path at Hell Trials gives AC -2

For a grand total of: AC = -28

Can you do better? I must have missed something. Is there a way to pry off Nalia's ring?

User Info: crowman

9 years ago#2
There's a couple of pairs of Bracers that add 1 to AC in ToB. I think they're respectively Paladin and Bard only, but with UAI your Swashy can still use one of 'em.

What is giving you the 21 DEX? Presumably starting as an Elf for 19, then adding 1 with the machine of Lum the Mad. Is there a Hell trial or something that gives you another, or are you counting the stat tomes from BG1 with an imported Thief?

I think AC gets capped at something like -25 anyway, unless someone knows of a mod to remove it.

The only way to remove and equip Nalia's ring would be to modify the item file so you can do so, and even then you may have to kill her before she'll let go of it, but presumably you're talking about a completely unmodded game. I always have the Tweak Pack, so the "wear magic items together" component lets you add in Ring of Protection +3 and Cloak of Protection +2. And throw in the "Keep Drizzt's stuff" component to use his Defender Sword (+2AC). But if you're going to use mods at all for the Tweak Pack, there's a whole host of other item mods that add AC boosting stuff, like the Item Upgrade mod with a belt of universal +3AC made from those three "AC vs type" belts you find...

User Info: Leverquest

9 years ago#3
You can legitimately get 21 dex via finding the dex book in the first game and importing your character then getting the other book from the machine with lum.
"The Religion of Maud'Dib is not Maud'Dib"-The Preacher

User Info: LagothZanta

9 years ago#4
Ah yes, forgot about the specialty bracers and gloves. The paladin bracers don't give an AC bonus but Tzu-Zan's bracers (monks) and wondrous gloves (bards) both give AC -1.

So I guess -29 is theoretically possible (except its capped at -25).

Dex can be improved by:
Tome in BG1
Machine of Lum the Mad
Hell Trial (Wrath evil path, gives +2 Str and another +1 stat depending on class, Dex for Thieves)
Deck of Many Things - Star (again +1 stat depending on class, Dex for Thieves)

Which yields a possible 23 (if starting with Elf or Halfling).

User Info: Requiem

9 years ago#5
Technically, you could wear Enkidu's armor. It has -3 AC, IIRC, one better than white dragon.
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User Info: Leverquest

9 years ago#6
Actually, check your item listing, Enkidu's Full Plate +3 only has -2 AC, as well as 5% immunity to magic and immunity to being backstabbed.Aside from Drow Equipment, White Dragon Scale has the best AC out of any chainmail.
"The Religion of Maud'Dib is not Maud'Dib"-The Preacher

User Info: Requiem

9 years ago#7
Really? Well, that's new.
Copyright free literature available at http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page

User Info: Kiko_Maruna

9 years ago#8
Why Ring of Earth Control and not Ring of Protection +2? You can wear it together with the ring of gaxx so you'll have 4 AC from rings.

Also, since you're a swashbuckler you could use a scroll of blur I guess and decrease AC by another 2 if I remember correctly.
Not sure about other spells that might give an AC bonus but of course those are always temporary.

User Info: Leverquest

9 years ago#9
^^Read the first post again, he isn't using spells or scrolls, or any temporary gain. Also, I don't think the TC is using the tweakpack so if he is wearing armor +X, he can't use ring/cloack of protection+x, so he has to use the ring of earth control.
"The Religion of Maud'Dib is not Maud'Dib"-The Preacher

User Info: LagothZanta

9 years ago#10
Yes, in the unmodded game rings/cloaks/amulets of protection can not be used in conjunction with magical armor, or with each other (which always seemed rather strange to me)

It might be interesting to think about AC lowering spells and potions, but it complicates things quite a bit. There's blur, defensive harmony, dexterity improving spells and potions, invisibility, etc...

Here's a question though. If plate mail armor gives a bonus to AC vs piercing and slashing, and I equip the girdle of bluntness (to give crushing AC bonus), wouldn't that effectively lower my total AC, or is there another form of attack thats not included?

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