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User Info: ubavko

9 years ago#1
Fighters have their castle,mages their....dome thing,rangers their grove.Can anyone tell me what paladins have or the others.

User Info: joefitts63

9 years ago#2
Paladins get a room at the Radiant Heart.
Thieves get a guild hall.
Bards get a playhouse.

Don't remember the rest, but you can find all the details in DSimpson's FAQ.
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User Info: CChaplin

9 years ago#3
This should be all of them:

Paladins get into the Noble Order of the Radiant Heart, alongside Kheldorn and (potentially) Anomen after saving the girl in Windspear. Thus they get access to their compound in the temple district for their own use.

Once the Unseeing Eye is finally closed for good, clerics join whatever church suits them, based on their alignment and are then called upon to advise their followers according to their church's dogma.

Bards take over the theater under the Five Flagons after the current troupe decides to move on. As the new owner of the theater, it becomes your job to manage the actors, improve the play, and potentially even get into the act yourself.

Thieves are given control of Mae'var's compound once the Thieves Guild is satisfied that he has been taken care of. This one is a little annoying, as you are not the Shadowmaster and thus are required to pay dues or lose the stronghold. Fortunately, you can direct your thieves to gather the money themselves.

Rangers get the Ranger's Station in Umar Hills once the killings have been stopped. Rangers can easily lose their station if they don't look after the people and animals in their domain, such as giving alcohol and swords to minors.

Fighters, Barbarians, and Monks become the Lord/Lady of Nalia's estate once you help her retake it. Other than judging the affairs of the region, you'll also be taking on the neighboring nobles, who want Nalia's land for their own.

Wizards and Sorcerors claim the Planar Sphere in the Slums once you help Valygar close a chapter in his family's past. You'll be doing a bit of work for the Cowled Wizards, who you'll likely have a grudge against, but you will be rewarded with some unique and interesting items.

Druids claim dominion over the Druid's Grove after Faldorn pays for attacking Trademeet. I haven't done much with this one, but you'll be working for nature for these quests, and there are some nifty items to be won.

User Info: red255

9 years ago#4
Grab the 'multiple stronghold mod' from the ease of use pack.

Best way to try them out.

Mage Stronghold. Valgar Dome quest.... little hard, rewards for the stronghold are you get to pay your fools to mage stuff for you, Generally speaking the only thing I got worthwhile was the ring of wizardry.

Fighter Stronghold. De-arnase Keep. Allow you to return there..... so you can make your flail if you forgot. Basically 500 G a week and some EXP from dialog and finally a MINOR fight. Least it felt minor when it finally occured.

Thief Stronghold. Maevar's guildhall becomes <Charname> Guildhall. Only gets one bonus quest here, and then just generates random income and expenses every 5 days.
Seem to lose the short sword of backstabbing reward here.

Bard Stronghold. LOT of dialog on this one. Its basically .... you do Haerdalis's quest and get the guildhall. You start a cursed play and yeah handle alot of minor talking as the time passes. Lots of choices really annoying, and in the end you sell it or it generates income.

Cleric Stronghold: Only really done Lathander or whatever, you can pull in a ring of holyness. but again mosly XP. and in the end Lathander church attacks the Telosians.

Paladin Stronghold: Several quests of daring do. Basically cross the map and kill stuff. Then return. in the end you slay a dragon. hurrah. Not like you weren't gonna do it anyways but it fixes fallen status. Starts after you return the guys daughter to him that Firkaag took.

Ranger Stronghold: You get a silly summon Lion artifact I think. Mainly Slay stuff quests for Umar Hills, gotten after the shadow quests are done.

Druid stronghold. Think you get a staff and a totem that summons something, mainly quests .... you get after doing Cernds quest and resting in the druid grove. (trademeet)
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User Info: Whitewind617

9 years ago#5
I have a question.
I got the paladin stronghold once, and the room he claimed to have given me was strangely non-existent. I looked everywhere, but there was nowhere that my room could possibly be. Do you know what he was talking about?

My paladin game is long gone, but im curious anyway.
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