How to LAN with friend?

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User Info: ecc11718

9 years ago#1
I just got done LAN'ing through NWN1, and was wanting to LAN through baldur's gate 2.

I can't seem to figure out how to do it though? I'm mostly computer smart.. but I definitely don't know what to do.

I created a session, IPX, and it's fully loaded up in game.

My friend is trying to connect via IPX, but my session(game) doesn't show up in her window?

What is the problem? Am I doing something wrong?

User Info: Lord_Tiax

9 years ago#2
I don't know.
I've always used TCP/IP.
Are your game versions the same? If one of you has a more recent patch downloaded then I know you won't be able to play, but other than that I'm not sure.
Sorry :-(
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User Info: ThiefOfNavarre

9 years ago#3
Make sure you arnt using a router, just use a normal RJ45 LAN jack, otherwise the router will skew things up for you!

Easiest way to get the game setup is to install Hamachi (google it!), Set up a private network( Both join the same private network and then run the game connecting via TCP/IP with the IP address Hamachi gives you!
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