Going to change a few NPC classes

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User Info: lordofmud

8 years ago#1
So, I decided that I wanted to hack my game a little and use shadow keeper to change of few of the NPC classes. Specifically Nalia and Valy but possibly Cernd as well.

Now, if anyone has done this here is what I did.

First, get Nalia (or any NPC) in the party and save.

Open that save in Shadowkeeper.

Since I want to turn Nalia into a Swashbuckler I would first remove all her Mage abilities. So that would be spells learned and memorization tabs.

Then I go in and change her class to thief with kit being Swashbuckler.

I next set her level to 0 (or 1??) and 0 all her other levels.

Then I either leave her XP alone or set it to match my party.

Change hit points to 6 out of 6

Save in Shadowkeeper and then load that save.

Will that give me all the specials that go along with the class? The adjusted AC for instance?

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User Info: Kiyana Va Sala

Kiyana Va Sala
8 years ago#2
Just do it the simple way and download the Level 1 NPCs mod (v1, not beta7). That allows you to change NPC classes and kits - even to illegal multi-classed combinations. Want Minsc to be a Fighter/Wild Mage/Thief or a Kensai/Mage/Thief? You can do it.

Want Jaheira as a Ranger/Priest of Helm? Easy. Want Imoen to be a Wizard Slayer/Wild Mage/Swashbuckler?

Tough. :P

User Info: The_Pig_

8 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: The_Pig_

8 years ago#4
Using Shadowkeeper, you have to change a lot more than just simply putting the level back to 1.

You have to reset the hit points, saving throws, THAC0, AC, proficiencies, innate abilities, spell slots, thieving skills, lore, and maybe more back to what a level 1 character would be. This is a lot of work, especially if you don't really know what you are doing.

I too would recommend the level 1 npc mod since it does all this stuff automatically.
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  3. Going to change a few NPC classes

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