interesting dual classes

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User Info: a_weasel47

9 years ago#1
gimme something good i never would have thought of. preferably solo worthy, or maybe for a 2-character run through.

cleric dualed to monk, maybe?

avenger dualed to thief?

i dunno i made those up on the spot.
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User Info: f4rM

9 years ago#2
Wizard Slayer / Mage

< o >

User Info: 40kfreak_joshy

9 years ago#3
you cant duel to monks; i think they are one of the classes that cant be dualed. (the other being sorcerer)

User Info: a_weasel47

9 years ago#4
lol wizard slayer/mage....i think you'd have some problems.
47 is 42 adjusted for inflation.

User Info: bluegender4ever

9 years ago#5


(with a mod to allow stalker to dual class) stalker/cleric

try those out. K/D is especially funny
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User Info: a_weasel47

9 years ago#6
kensai druid wins.
47 is 42 adjusted for inflation.

User Info: Leukozyt

9 years ago#7

a_weasel47 posted...
kensai druid wins.

Kensai -lvl13> druid IS great, as the Avenger -lvl12> Fighter is.

Nice Options also Cleric -lvl12> mage, that´s the mega-Aerie. However difficult to solo, I admit.

Druid-Thief combos are interesting though impossible, sorry.

Ever thought about dualling OUT OF A specialist mage? There are interesting, though mostly difficult options, too, however, mage -lvl11 or lvl 13> Fighter is something interesting to consider...isnt it...

User Info: Salivator

9 years ago#8

Xzar is capable of that dual in BG1 if you give him one of the Wisdom-raising tomes. Works out quite nicely, actually, since Necromancers require at least 16 Wisdom anyway.
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User Info: a_weasel47

9 years ago#9
with the avenger lvl12-->fighter, will you get ironskins?

if not, what makes it good?
47 is 42 adjusted for inflation.

User Info: ryuken87

9 years ago#10
Avenger -> Fighter would be horrible, and its not even possible unless you increase your strength first since they have a -2 penalty at creation. Dualing from a mage would be pretty bad as well. The thing with fighter -> duals is the massive stat requirements (pretty hard for a human fighter with low minimums) which means you will probably have to sacrifice something since druids have two primary requisites.

A priest of Lathander dual to something would be an interesting option due to the extra attack you get from the Boon.

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