best way to level up in baldur's gate 1

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User Info: oaktytolen

8 years ago#1
im getting a guy ready for BG2 and i want to hit the cap before i move on. whats the best way to do that? hes a fighter with a bow primarily and has enough money to buy just about infinite acid arrows and explosive arrows. hes got almost the best stuff he can have. i would like to kick my other party members to get his xp up as fast as possible and just hunt probably in durlags tower. i was thinking maybe killing the greater basilisks i heard are there. do they respawn indefinitely? is there a constant effect item to prevent petrification? if so where is it? if thats not a good plan for leveling, what should i do?

User Info: Templar_999

8 years ago#2
i guess importing and exporting your character constantly in ether both versoins till you hit cap is the best way to go with it...

User Info: pkmn_rckt

8 years ago#3
IIRC ( I could be wrong about this) if you import a character theyll automatically hit the exp cap if theyre below it
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User Info: The_Pig_

8 years ago#4
You don't need to kick out party members in order to reach the xp cap. There is a way too much xp in the game, and you will easily hit the cap even with a full party.

I also do not recommend soloing Durlag's tower with a pure fighter. That will be virtually impossible, especially if you are just a low level person farming for xp.

There are two excellent places for farming xp.

The first is the lighthouse map south of Candlekeep. First however you should go to the southeastern most map and talk to the gnome there. He will give you a free Protection from Magic scroll if you do the right conversation path. Next go to the lighthouse map. There are six sirines along the beach. Use the Protection from Magic scroll on your main tank and he will be immune to their Charms. They are very easy to kill if you are protected from Charm, and they are worth 2000 xp each. Inside the cave are three flesh golems. These guys are also worth 2000 xp each. They hit very hard, but their fists are blunt weapons. There is a very good potion called the Potion of Absorption which you can find several scattered around the game, and I think High Hedge sells them too. These potions gives a +10 bonus against blunt weapons. If you already have a good AC and drink this potion, the golems won't be able to hit you except on a critical hit. Also, the golems are immune to non-magical weapons, so you need a +1 weapon or better to hit them.

The second good area for farming xp is the map east of Beregost temple. First go to High Hedge and buy either Potions of Mirrored Eyes or Protection from Petrification scrolls. You need these because that map is full of basilisks that can petrify you. Basilisks are very easy to kill with petrification protection, and they are worth 1400 xp for the lesser basilisk and 4000 for the greater. There are no items that give you permanent petrification protection like you asked for, but you truly don't need it. The Protection from Petrification scrolls last 10 turns (remember 1 turn = 10 rounds) so you should be able to clear out the entire map with one or two scrolls. The potions of Mirrored Eyes have a very short duration of 5 rounds, so they are not nearly as effective, although they can be helpful in a pinch.

User Info: RufusCorvus

8 years ago#5
I had a full party of six. After completing every area (with the exception of the lower levels of Durlag's Tower and Aec'Letec) everyone hit the TotSC XP cap before Chapter 6 was over. You don't need to go out of your way to farm for experience.
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User Info: ryuken87

8 years ago#6
Go to the wyvern cave in Cloakwood and just keep resting. I think there is a bit at the top to the right where the wyvern is too big to fit through so you can kill them without them getting close. The flesh golem cave is another good option.

User Info: NexVesica

8 years ago#7
Yeah, just play through the game and you should hit the cap past few playthroughs I've gotten the cap without even doing all of durlags tower.
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