Is crom feayer worth it?

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User Info: MegaManUltima

8 years ago#1
Is it worth it to spend the really nice gauntlets and belt as part of the recipe to make the Crom Feayer?

Check it out:

User Info: UT_Nova

8 years ago#2
It is largely dependent on the size of your party. If you've got a full party of six then I'd say no. If you're playing through with three or less then yes.

User Info: HWMWD

8 years ago#3
Usually not. It's not as fantastic as it seems. It does fairly little base damage (2D4+3, or 5-11) so it relies on the 25 STR for the +14 damage adjustment, resulting in 19-25, or 22 on average.
Comparing this to the fully assembled Flail of Ages +3 with the Girdle of Frost Giant Strength:
FoA does 1D6+4, +1 acid, +1 cold, +1 fire. Let's assume you hit something not immune to any of these elements, you'll do 8-13 damage. 21 STR from the girdle gives a +9 bonus for 17-22 or 19.5 on average. Slightly less, but the FoA has a built in slow effect and the elemental damage is not stopped by Stoneskin/Iron Skins, thus disrupts spellcasting.
In ToB you get two extra heads, then it will do 1D6+6, +2 for each of the five elements. Still has the slow effect. Gives Free Action and some magic resistance.
There is no ToB upgrade for the Crom Faeyr.

CF as a side effect destroys Trolls, Ettins, Clay Golems and Stone Golems on hit. Sorta neat but if these are still giving you trouble when you get out of the Underdark, you're doing something wrong. You only fight one Ettin, in Sahuagin City (you cannot have the CF then), and it is dead within seconds.

What CF does give you is a good THAC0 bonus. 5 enchanted, -7 for STR 25 = -12 (against -7 for the FoA with the Girdle). However, a slowed enemy is hit with a -4 THAC0 bonus and receives +4 to his own THAC0. Better.
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User Info: Southe05

8 years ago#4
I won't dispute that the fully assembled FOA is a superior damage dealing weapon, but there's more than one way to skin a cat

the Str bonus from the Crom is 25 which is bigger than the bonus from any of its parts. I have always been a big fan of PAIRING the FOA and the Crom Faeyr, FOA in the main hand, for the purpose of maximizing the damage being dealt by the FOA..... Turn korgan loose with this combo and he'll kill pretty much everything by himself.

it frees up slots for other items

The Crom's race specific bonuses might seem lame at first glance, but the game does throw a few situations at you where they help. Most notably the Fire Giants. the Crom is basically the difference between that stage being a royal pain versus a cake walk.
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User Info: 27182818

8 years ago#5
It depends, but in general the answer is "yes, if you have a character who can use it well." To be able to use it well, you must be a dual-wielder without access to good str buffing spells (ie no Divine Might).

Some math to support this:
Let's say that we have 2 characters, a cleric with 10 str and a fighter with 18/60 str. Without any items, they get these ability adjustments:

Key: [Class] [Bonus to hit] [bonus to damage]
Cleric: +0 +0
Fighter: +2 +3
Total: +2 +3

Now, giving the fighter the Crom Faeyer:
Cleric: +0 +0
Fighter: +7 +14
Total: +7 +14

Giving the Cleric the Gauntlets and the Fighter the Belt:
Cleric: +3 +6
Fighter: +4 +9
Total: +7 +15

Notice how close they are. Essentially, making the Crom Faeyer just concentrates the str bonus onto one character. This is a good thing, because you can concentrate it on the character who gets more attacks per round. In this case, the fighter can get 3.5 without any items, but the cleric can only get 1 (Clerics cannot effectively dual wield). So concentrating all of your bonus damage on the fighter is a good thing.

Also, buffing in this case works in favour of the Crom Faeyer build, because the cleric can set his str to 18/00 (as if he had the Gauntlets), then increase it further with Divine Might.

One more thing: notice also that increasing the Cleric's strength would favour the Crom Faeyer build, too, because the Gauntlets would do less.

User Info: Requiem

8 years ago#6
the Str bonus from the Crom is 25 which is bigger than the bonus from any of its parts. I have always been a big fan of PAIRING the FOA and the Crom Faeyr, FOA in the main hand, for the purpose of maximizing the damage being dealt by the FOA..... Turn korgan loose with this combo and he'll kill pretty much everything by himself.

On the other hand, using Crom on offhand means you can't wield Belm or Kudane with offhand. While whirlwind does mitigate this disadvantage somewhat, it's very difficult to give up two extra attacks per round (with improved haste).
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User Info: BgSoA

8 years ago#7
CF in off hand + FoA in prim hand + mastery in both + two handed weapon style + crit strike + IMPhaste = LOTS OF DAMAGE. Infact, so much, NOTHING will survive the round. Of course thats if a warrior uses it. Thief with UAI or Cleric maybe but not promised.

User Info: Latronis

8 years ago#8
There are a lot of factors to consider.

Size and abilities of the party being most important.

Basically anyone who is going to attack wants a high strength. But 1 character with max strength and the others with only mediocre strength results in less damage than several characters with high (but not max) strength.

Also the number of attacks is more effective damage than just max strength.

21 Strength is the point where the damage of CF with 25 strength becomes negligble. As such the more attacks the party can pull off with 21 strength than the more damage they will deal. If you can't get all your attackers at around 21 or better strength without the individual parts of the hammer than you will actually weaken the party by forging it until you can.

Draw Upon Holy Might and Righteous Magic, Barbarian Rage, Imported warriors with a strength focus. There are plenty of ways of getting high strength so you want to look at what party members you have attack can do.
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User Info: synth_real

8 years ago#9
Don't forget, the loss of the belt can be made up for with potions for important battles. It's not a perfect solution, but it'll work in a pinch

User Info: theeyeisblind

8 years ago#10
1) are you proficient with hammer?
2) how big is your party

i like the crom faeyr because it really helps you bash in solo games. however you must have it equiped for the benefit and its not a very good weapon otherwise. the flail of ages or the impaler is much better damage wise. its good if you are surrounded by golems, but you will be hella dead in that situation anyways unless you got stoneskin.

if you have a big party then its a big "hell no!!!!!"

however, there is an in game, sorta cheating, way to keep all of your items and get the weapon from cromwell. and heres how:

1) beat up one of your low HP allies to near-ish death and give them the ingredients.
2) then cast an acid arrow or some poison on them.
3) quickly talk to cromwell.
4) your character should die BEFORE he finishes
5) you will get the item and the dead character will have the stuff. just raise dead and repeat.

of course if you're that hellbent you might as well just CLUAConsole the damn things in

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