Paladin stronghold

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User Info: chincw77

8 years ago#1
I am new to this type of game and enjoyed it.
My character is undead hunter.

I completed the 4 quests (stronghold) and killed that red dragon.
When I went back to radiant heart, I have the experience but they did not tell me windspear hills is my stronghold.

And when I return to windspear hills, everything is the same (some faq said stronghold change a bit once you completed the quest). And some monster still appear here and there.

Is there anything I missed ?

User Info: Requiem

8 years ago#2
Your "stronghold" for being a paladin is a room in Radiant Heart headquarters...

...which, unfortunately due to a bug, in unmodded/unofficially fixed game, you cannot rest in.

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