Opinions on Valygar?

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User Info: mathishard226

8 years ago#1
So I was debating who to keep in my party. Me (pure mage), Imoen/ Yoshimo, Minsc, Jaheira and Viconia were given. I wanted a good party, except for Viconia, who I viewed as something of an anomoly. (I'm going to save her from her evil ways ;) )

I thought I would take on Mazzy, but on my way to her, I came across Valygar, and I've gotta say I'm digging him. the backstabbing works well. I've got him dual wielding Celestial Fury and some other Katana, a + 2 something I think. His AC is even pretty reasonable and when I have him use that sword with Mirror Image, he's really handy.

I was just curious if anyone had any advice on using him effectively. I understand I should backstab if possible, but any other ideas? I guess I just wasn't expecting to like him as much as I am and wanted to hear what others think and their experiences with him.
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User Info: crowman

8 years ago#2
I always felt it somewhat redundant to have both the game's Rangers in the same team. Keldorn is far more useful, so why not swap the other two-handed sword user for him? I'm probably biased against Minsc, as I used to take him with almost every party so I'm rather sick of him now.

As for Valygar himself, he does seem pretty competent. The Corthala Family Blade is quite powerful for an early game weapon, with the bleeding damage which is effectively a couple of rounds of poison - great for backstabbing mages/priests and disrupting their spells for a couple of rounds. His armor is pretty good for allowing stealth, and can be improved further if you have the Item Upgrade mod (adds another 2 AC, doubles the resistances and adds Non-Detection, but you need the Shadow Dragon Armor first). He does seem more fragile in pure melee than most tank NPCs, but you already have another tank to draw attention first, then send in the backstabber.

User Info: ryuken87

8 years ago#3
Give him a pip in either scimitars or short swords and put either Belm or Kundane in the off hand. He won't be the best tank at first but once you get Hardiness and combine it with Armour of Faith he'll do just fine. In ToB katanas arn't as good so you may want to plan ahead for another weapon.

User Info: The_Pig_

8 years ago#4
Valygar is decent, but not great. A fighter/thief is better since it will have the better backstab multiplier.

User Info: mathishard226

8 years ago#5
Understood that Keldorn is probably more useful, but I really wanted Viconia in there (for a romance I'm now hearing is impossible as I'm an elf), but I do like her and would like to keep her around. And honestly, I played both him and Anomen before and didn't really want to try again.

The way I have things set up now, Minsc is handling the FOA and he's got a kind of Mediocre AC (-3), Jaheira has a quite good AC (-7) and Saves, but lower damage. I've got two pretty respectable tanks in them, but then Valygar's dual wielding is great for handling lone guys or surprising a group from behind. Bear in mind I'm still in Chapter 2.

I don't know, it just felt like Valygar had some nice variety to him in my strategy and it's working out well. Took out the Shadow Dragon last night with no cheese and am feeling pretty good about everyone right now.
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User Info: BgSoA

8 years ago#6
Valy is good in small and brief doses. His backstab-ness is useful as besides Yoshi, only he will ever pull off a decent one. He is a beast when dual wielding Celestial Fury and Corthala Blade. The only downside is he is WORTHLESS as a tank - but since you have Jaheria and Minsc you're good - and his damage is the lowest of all the warrior's in the game - besides Mazzy but she's an archer, not a tank. In other words, take him, see if you like him.
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User Info: saros_

8 years ago#7

Valygar is the bigger brother of Minsc - more powerful, better overall stats, better equipment, better spells. Choose one over the other (of course, Valygar is better), and take another character to fill in the 6th slot. He's indeed the best game-made NPC tank for physical and magical type of damage: if you combine Hardiness, Armor of Faith, Defender of Easthaven, his own armor, Belt of Inertial Barrier, Roranarch's Horn, Boots of Grounding, Ring of Fire Control, he will have 85% slashing and piercing damage resistances, 90% missile damage resistance, 127% crushing damage resistance, 100% fire res, 25% Cold, 50% Acid, 75% electrical and 100% magical damage resistances, and immunity to Poison if you give him a proper amulet or ring. Minsc can only come close to that, as he will not have (without spell buffs) magical damage resistance 100%. In addition, Vally's extra spells and better Intelligence and Wisdom make him far more useful. His strength is somewhat low, but there are sufficient items/spells to improve it.

However, his weapon proficiencies are very bad...katana and spear are by far the most underpowered weapons. Although the Impaler and ixil's spike are great, still it's not worth it. My advice is - invest in Flails and Warhammers, for the idea of Valy wielding CF/Foa/Defender of Easthavenmain+ Belm/Kundane off. You do not need to have a prof point in scimitars or short swords if you're just using them as off-hand weapon.Later in the game, Halberds and a point in 2-weapon style is good.

User Info: mathishard226

8 years ago#8
OK. Gotcha. But I love backstabbing. Does he have the same restrictions on backstabbing as thieves... i.e. dagger, katanas... and no halberds? Just as an extreme example. I really want to hold on to his back stab....
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User Info: The_Pig_

8 years ago#9
Does he have the same restrictions on backstabbing as thieves

Yes, he does.

User Info: crowman

8 years ago#10
Does he have the same restrictions on backstabbing as thieves... i.e. dagger, katanas... and no halberds? Just as an extreme example. I really want to hold on to his back stab....

Backstabbing is only ever possible with weapons a single class thief can use (not counting Use Any Items) - Stalkers and multi/dualled thieves may be able to wield other weapons, but if trying to backstab will just get a normal hit and a 'weapon unsuitable for backstab' message.

If you want to wield a halberd too, that's fine, just keep a katana or whatever in your other weapon slot to use for the backstab, then manually switch back to the halberd in the ensuing melee.

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