Fighter/Druid vs Ranger

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User Info: Shodden

8 years ago#1
Could you give me some pros and cons of each? I'm not really sure how they differ...

User Info: FlyinBrian

8 years ago#2
Ranger: can equip any weapon, gets 2 free dots in dual wielding. ranger kits. will have higher thaco

Disadvantages: less spells (only up to level 2 or 3, you probably won't even realize you have them), alignment restrictions (Rangers can't be evil in 2ed and will lose their powers like paladins do)

Fighter/Druid: more spells
Disadvantages: Lower THACO, **** weapon selection (Spears and Scimitars are the only things worhtwile) no druid kit (all of which make them better. a fighter/rebalanced shapeshifter would be killer if you use shadowkeeper), druid spell selection is not that great (compared to cleric)

overall it depends on what you want. if you want a frontliner, a ranger will be better at most points of the game (post Iron Skins the Druid gets a big dose of catch up, though they still won't be outdoing the ranger in damage potential)

a Fighter/Druid is a good support character/backup frontliner though. overall a Fighter/Cleric is better suited for the job and a multiclass Cleric/Ranger is also great
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User Info: BgSoA

8 years ago#3

Use the Ranger/Cleric, who gains all Druid and Cleric spells, has THAC0 similar to a fighter, and it's easy to boost with spells anyways, gains two free points in two weapon style, and gains a racial enemy. For powergaming a warrior/divine caster, Ranger/Cleric is only matched by Berserker/Cleric, and it's a pretty close fight.
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User Info: NexVesica

8 years ago#4
I'd say Ranger/Cleric is leagues better then the Berserker cleric...though personally IMO the ranger/cleric is incredibly cheesy as it seems more like an exploit then anything else since you're clearly not supposed to get the rest of the druid spells. I think Fighter/Druid is better then Ranger. While you're a bit more limited in weapons, it doesn't really matter. You can go two handed with spears, and still dualwield effectively since Belm would probably be offhand for a ranger anyway. They get the same armor, except druids get the benefit of having Ironskins which really takes the cake later in the game when AC stops mattering. Druids get the benefit of having the insect plague line of spells which effectively takes casters out of the fight which is always a plus given how many casters you battle in both games. Overall, they're just...better, the biggest con is they level slower. There is a reason that Jaheria is considered the best tank over Minsc/Valy
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User Info: black spider

black spider
8 years ago#5
God dammit, so many combinations in play. Ah well, I'll try to comment on all of them anyway. All are IMHO, obviously.

Ranger -> cleric
Kickass divine caster with all sorts of useful buffs.

Ranger / cleric
Kickass divine spellsword, but the only real advantage they get over the dual class version is access to fighter HLAs, half an attack per round, and a minor THAC0 advantage . Hardiness is such a lovely thing to combine with stoneskins and the Defender of Easthaven, and whirlwinds really put Righteous Magic to some good use.

Fighter / cleric
Like the R/C except without druid spells. Offers very little that R/C's don't.

Fighter -> cleric
Like the R->C except without druid spells. Offers grand mastery in flails, which could be worth it, depending on your choice of mods.

Fighter / druid
No spells that an R/C won't get, and while the fighter-part obviously levels up a tiny bit faster, it really isn't something big. The one advantage these can possibly have over R/Cs (besides the R/C spell access being cheesy), is the level and spell table for druids being totally messed up. Druids will rush to level 12, get to level 13 in a reasonable amount of time and then be stuck at level 14 for ages. Then, when they finally climb to level 15, they hit the mother lode and get an insane amount of level 7 spells. Because of this, a druid multiclass will rock until it hits 1.5 mil exp, then a cleric multi will catch up for a while, and at 6 mil exp the druid will leap forward yet again.

Fighter -> druid
Like a fighter -> cleric but no defender of easthaven, no hardiness, no righteous magic, no holy smite and always the knowledge of how much stronger you'd have been if you had dualed to mage.
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User Info: Duiuz

8 years ago#6
^Because Mages have the Insect spell, a spell that doesn't have saves and pretty much ruin every spell caster for 6 rounds.

Defender of Easthaven? Flail of Ages is a MUCH better arguement.

User Info: Requiem

8 years ago#7

^Because Mages have the Insect spell, a spell that doesn't have saves and pretty much ruin every spell caster for 6 rounds.

Why hello there Mr. Planetar

Defender of Easthaven? Flail of Ages is a MUCH better arguement.

It makes an excellent off hand weapon for dual wielders.
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User Info: black spider

black spider
8 years ago#8
I'd answer in detail, Duiuz, but it would necessarily end up simply being a longer recap of what Requiem said.

DoE is awesome off hand whenever you need to tank hostile melee types and clerics, in particular, aren't missing out on much by using it off hand. Druids are losing an extra attack but there may be circumstances where it's worth it.

Insect spells are cool, but planetars get insect plague as well, and mages get so much more other than planetars that it simply isn't funny. Druids have Armor of Faith and Iron Skins. Mages have Protection from Magic Weapons, Stoneskin, Imp Invis, Imp Haste, Spirit Armor, Spell Immunity, Spell Trap, Spell Turning, Protection from Energy/ the Elements / Magic Energy, Mirror Image, spell triggers, contingencies, and ultimately Timestop.

Summons? Druids have elemental princes as their ultimate combined with skeletal warriors, devas, aerial servants, and fire elementals. Mages have planetars as their ultimate, combined with invis stalkers, skeletal warriors, mordenkainen's swords, and arguably Simulacrum. What's more, mages can summon hordes of these (well, up to the summon cap anyway) using project image.

User Info: Leukozyt

8 years ago#9

Did you consider (that depends on your game, whether you played BG1 and imported, played BGT or Tutu or just use SK to "simulate" this) the Avenger -dual at 12- fighter?

Avenger can only have str 16, but for dualling to fighter you'll need 17. In BG1 you read the tome of str and bingo.

You'll rusht to lvl 12, get a fairly amount of spells (only miss lvl 7) plus the really great chrom orb, invis, lightn etc. (remember chrom orb at lvl12 -fail save and die).

After dualling, you'll be a fighter for quite a while, and you'll probably dual wield scimitars (very fast, esp with belm), can get 5* and slice everything. After regaining druid abilities, you probably won't use shapeshifting anymore, but ironskin still is nice for a frontliner, etc.

I liked the combo quite much. But o course alway depends every payer's choice. A ra-cl is more powerhouse, but I don't like being "too" strong

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