Stronghold Quests. *mild spoilers*

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User Info: y2overkill

8 years ago#1
I'm playing through for my first time as a Cleric and have something I'd like cleared up.

So I've just started chapter 2 and ran into Nalia and thought I'd do her quest. On my way out of the city I found a poisoned man and needed to take him to the docks and from there got caught up in the quest for Renal Bloodscalp which I've recently just read is actually supposed to be the thieves stronghold quest.

Well what I'd like to know is, will I actually end up with the thieves stronghold if I carry on with this quest? Or is it safe for me to carry on with it and do the cleric stronghold quest later?

I know it doesn't make much sense for a cleric to be doing thieving work, but hey, it seems like an interesting quest!

User Info: Strelok

8 years ago#2
Unless you have a cleric/thief, you won't end up with the thief stronghold.
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User Info: y2overkill

8 years ago#3
Hey, thanks for the quick response.

Just what I hoped.

User Info: Planescaped

8 years ago#4
If you download the tweak pack (which you should have) then you can get all the strongholds.
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User Info: BlackIsleMaiden

8 years ago#5
pretty much you can do all the stronghold quests, but you'll only get the stronghold for your class. Unless you have special mods or tweaks which allow you to have all the strongholds.
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  3. Stronghold Quests. *mild spoilers*

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