Hide in Shadows vs. Move Silently

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User Info: TheGrimHreeper

7 years ago#1
I read this on another forum:

Chance to Hide = (HiS + MS) /2 . This value is checked when you try to hide, and - I believe - once each round you continue to hide. You want this value as high as possible.
Move silently gives bonuses after you leave the shadows. In particular, it increases the delay between when you leave the shadows and when you become visible.
Hide in Shadows does nothing extra for you.
So, forget that Hide in Shadows exists. Put all your points into Move Silently.

And this:

Hoooowever, there is a numerical limit on how high you can pump your Move Silently, which is 255%. So if you wish to have a higher Stealth value( say 150%), then some points will be needed in Hide in Shadows.

Pump into Move Silently first though.

Is all this true? If so, what are the other bonuses Move Silently gives after leaving the shadows? Also, about Stealth Value, whats a good amount to have? 150% seems a bit much.
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User Info: ManiacalFreak

7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: ryuken87

7 years ago#3
First bit is correct. Your chance of hiding is the average of HITS and MS.

Second bit about MS giving bonuses after leaving the shadows I've never heard before, and after a quick test I think its bull.

All thief skills wrap around after 255.

User Info: cpthurme

7 years ago#4
Wait, so I should just put all my points into move silently? I've always just levelled them equally assuming they did the same thing.

User Info: AramilOfTusmit

7 years ago#5
Well... what I've heard about how HiS and MS differ is that Hide is checked when there are no enemies around, and Move Silently is checked when the hidden character is within a hostile creature's range of vision, i.e. it checks either one or the other, depending on the situation.
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User Info: Zanbie Xanvier

Zanbie Xanvier
7 years ago#6
Elsewhere I've read Hide in Shadows is your chance of getting into stealth to begin with, and Move Silently is checked to see if you remain in stealth. Dunno if it's right, considering what the OP said.
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User Info: Latronis

7 years ago#7
no hide in shadows alone can't be checked for success since rangers stealth is just mechanically move silently alone
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User Info: Zeran_kariashi

7 years ago#8
They should've just left the two stats combined. They even added 2 new skills, so there was no real point to splitting them in the first place, other then to screw assassins.
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