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WWEmon Adventurers: Choose Your Fate! Part 18

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User Info: GreyCells

5 years ago#1
The story so far......

- YOU have been teleported magically to the world of WWEmon. Prof Vince McMahon has selected you as one of the candidates that may represent him in the WWE League Battles for the WWEmon World Title. But first, you must prove your ability as a WWEmon trainer. Your job is to capture new WWEmons and train them up in combats before you use them to battle other trainers in the League Battles. However, you are not the only possible candidate, for Prof Vince had also chosen his own son Shane, as a likely representative. The two of you will be in competition, as you each train up your respective WWEmons to challenge the 8 WWEmon Gyms for their Badges. Prof Vince will somhow be keeping track of your progress and will determine at the end which of you will be chosen to represent him.

- During your quest, you ran afoul of the villainous SPIRIT SQUAD, who have made it their life's mission to steal every other WWEmon they can get. Throughout the quest, you have repeatedly run into them, ruining their evil plots in more than one occasion. They, in turn, tdo their best to hamper you in your quest and try to steal your WWEmons at every opportunity. During one of these encounters, you run into them stealing two rare fossils from a museum. In the ensuing struggle, you managed to obtain one of the fossils (the Flair Fossil) for yourself.

- Meanwhile, your rival, Shane, is also doing his best to keep ahead of you in the quest, while piling multiple extra obstacles before you to slow you down. He tried to blackmail the Leader of the Cruiserweight Gym, Matt Hardy, into making the Gym Challenges impossible for you. In the end, however, you not only overcame the challenges and won the Cruiserweight Badge, but also aided the rightful Leader, Gregory Helms, in overthrowing the corrupt Matt Hardy and take over the Gym. Shortly after that, Matt Hardy came to you and showed his repentence, and you allow him to serve you as one of your growing team of WWEmon fighters.

- You ran into several more challenges and obstacles on the way top the second Gym, but manage to overcome them with the help of your valiant WWEmons as well as certain unexpected allies. While you were exploring the depths of Mt Crescent, you discovered a mysterious inner sanctum guarded by an unseen guardian. There, your very first WWEmon, Edge, wins a Money-in-the-Bank Challenge and obtains a briefcase containing an (as yet) unknown treasure).

- You battled your way through the Diva Gym, the second Gym you've visited so far, defeating the Gym Leader the Fabulous Moolah, to win the Diva Badge. During the challenge, however, you ran into Stephanie McMahon, sister of Shane and daughter of Prof Vince, who persuaded the Senior Trainers of the Gym to allow her WWEmon, Chyna, to challenge you for the Badge. You manage to defeat Chyna, but in the process 3 of your WWEmons, Lita, Victoria and Edge, were infected by the mysterious but deadly "X-Pac Heat", a slow but lethal power which will eventually attract dislike or even hatred from those around them. Moolah warned you about the risks and urged you to seek out an antidote.
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User Info: GreyCells

5 years ago#2
- After a brief encounter with the J.O.B. Squad in Azure City, you find yourself in the middle of another treacherous plot by the Spirit Squad, who attacked WWEmon guru Bill Alfonso and kidnapped one of the WWEmons under his care, Rob Van Dam. Together with a new friend you've met at Azure City, Trainer Brandon, who's also a friend of Bill, you set off to Crimson City in pursuit of the Spirit Squad to rescue RVD. You also learned from Bill that the mysterious briefcase won from the MITB Challenge may be part of a possible cure for the X-Pac Heat. However, the other half of this mystical power is revealed to be hidden in the Intercontinental Gym, and the keys to both of them are said to be in the Tag Team Gym. The Tag Team Gym lies in Crimson City, where you were heading for to track down the Spirit Squad anyway.

- On the cruise ship named S.S. Joach, you finally found the Spirit Squad, in the middle of yet another treacherous plot, as they've abducted the captain of the ship. Together with Brandon, your new friend Jonathan, and your rival Shane, you once again foiled the villains' plans and recover the hoard of WWEmon that they stole from the guests of the ship. The 4 of you were awarded medals and the the titles "Heroes of Crimson City". During the night of celebration, you decided to particpate in the Grand Slobberknocker Games for the grand prize. Your team of WWEmons successfully won its way through the competition, defeating your Rival Shane in the Finals to win the Grand Prize: an Ultra Ball!

- After another short adventure in the underground labyrinth of the Legend's Pass, you managed to capture your very first Legend-type WWEmon, Earthquake, who had been lying dormant below the city for a long time. On your return, you also learnt that the mysterious mastermind who had been behind the Spirit Squad's crimes has struck yet again, and Rob Van Dam is once again in the hands of thieving villains.

- You entered the Tag Team Gym, battling through several other Gym challengers to reach the Finals, where you defeated the Gym Leaders the Dudleys, to win the Tag Team Badges. But your task is not over, as you would have to return later to challenge for the keys to the MITB briefcase, which are kept by the Leaders of the tag Team Gym. On that same night, it was revealed that Matt Hardy had in fact been a spy working for your rival Shane, and had been secretly reporting your progress to your enemy.

- As you showed up for the MITB Challenge at the Tag Team Gym the next day, Shane announced himself as a participant of the contest as well, due to Matt (who now officially works under Shane) was part of your team that won the first MITB challenge and thus holds a claim to the prize. As a result, the contest became a 3-way TLC match involving the Dudleys (defending for the Gym), the Hardys (representing Shane) and Edge & Christian (representing you), with the winning team laying the final claim over the prize. Edge & Christian would eventually come out on top, allowing you to retain the prize as well as earn the keys to the briefcase.
All Hail Stevie Richards: He showed us! We saw!

User Info: GreyCells

5 years ago#3
- As you prepare to depart to the next Gym Challenge at Verdigris City, you find out that the monster known as the Boogeyman is somehow on your trail. After surviving a close-call encounter with the creature in the Legend's Pass, you arrive at Lilac Town where, upon exploring the infamous Haunted Tower, you were bitten by a vampire. Forced to flee the town as a potential danger to the people there, you raced to Verdigris City to find a cure. There, you meet a druggist who manages to delay the effects of your vampirism from spreading further, but you also learnt that the ingredients to the final cure had been out of stock. Learning that Mr Fuji, head of Lilac Town, had purchased a large quantity of the cure back to his town, you risked returning to the same place where you were driven out, only to be captured by the Spirit Squad who were impersonating priests, who tried to get rid of you once and for all by destroying you in a "cleasing ritual". You narrowly escaped with your life thanks to the arrival of Dr Vince Russo, assistant of Prof McMahon.

- But the Spirit Squad had stolen 4 of your WWEmons when they captured you, and you were forced to pursue the villains into the Games Building in the Verdigris City, where you discovered one of their hidden lairs. There, you finally confronted the mysterious “Boss” who had been the mastermind behind all of the Spirit Squad’s heinous crimes (though unfortunately you never actually saw the guy’s face). It turned out that he had been doing his best to lure you there all along, and proceeded to put you through a series of battles to “test your abilities”. You battle your way through his henchmen, and impressed him sufficiently for him to give you the antidote to the vampirism that has been plaguing you for days. The “Boss” left while you were applying the antidote, but not before sealing the exit behind him by setting fire to his own lair.

- Your next challenge is the Super Heavyweight Gym. Even before you’ve entered the Gym, you hear rumours about how a new and vicious Gym Leader had recently taken over, and how every recent challenger has been ruthlessly beaten to the point of being crippled or killed. Nevertheless, you made your challenge, and successfully battle your way through it. You eventually confronted the Gym Leader and survived a hellacious Punjabi Prison Match against his monstrous 7-ft-tall WWEmon. As it turned out, your opponent is in fact a usurper who had injured and imprisoned the real Gym Leader, Vader. With your aid, the Senior Trainers of the SHW Gym manage to drive out the usurper and rescue their Leader. Unfortunately, Vader was still unconscious from his injury, and hence you decided to return when he has recovered to officially claim the Badge that you have earned.

- Next, you accepted a mission to deliver a load of the vampirism antidote back to Lilac Town, which as you learnt is still plagued by the disease. Mr Fuji, who left the antidote under the care of the Verdigris City’s Daycare Centre, was said to have been missing ever since he bought the antidote. On your way back to Lilac Town, you had yet another run-in with the Spirit Squad and their mysterious Boss. You emerged from the encounter unscathed, but unfortunately the antidote was stolen in the process. Upon reaching Lilac, you found out that the villains have reached there before you, and had delivered the antidote to the town while impersonating you. However, the antidote has apparently been meddled with, as the patients who took it are now suffering from delirium. Having learnt that the villains have gone up to the Haunted Tower, you decided to pursue them.
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User Info: GreyCells

5 years ago#4
- Upon entering the Tower, you had several encounters with the various horrors within, during which you come across an old diary left behind by a holy man who had entered the Tower some time ago in an attempt to cleanse the place of the fiendish creatures. Not long after that, you encounter the ghost of the holy man himself, and the spirit warns you of a new growing evil spawn that’s been slowly taking shape in the form of an egg at the top of the Tower, as a result of the over-saturation of the dark powers emanating from the other monsters that have taken up residence here. With the evil set to emerge any time now, the ghost warned you to flee before midnight. Nevertheless, you were determined to press on in the search of the antidote thieves, and perhaps find a way to destroy the evil before it emerges.

- But in order to perform either of these tasks, you must first brave the horrors in the lower levels. After surviving an encounters with a brood of vampires as well as a thief with his mysterious masked monster WWEmon on the 4th level, you finally catch up with the Spirit Squad in the fifth storey. Overcoming them with ease and retrieving the antidote that would cure the plague of delirium they had inflicted upon Lilac Town, you are then interrupted by the arrival of the Boogeyman, who accuses you of stealing something that belongs to it. Faced with the horror, you are forced to work together with Kenny of the Spirit Squad to finally capture the monster. Having agreed to assist Kenny and his gang to find a magical mask in the Tower as part of your agreement to work together against the Boogeyman, you continue your exploration of the Tower with them. In the Torture Chamber, you confronted a new horror in the form of a gigantic, 15-ft high structure known as the Hell in a Cell, and once again managed to overcome the evils within. Finally, at the top of the Tower, you engaged in a desperate battle against the evil spawn that you were warned about by the spirit of the holy man. Having taken the form of a gigantic turkey, the monster eventually flees the Tower after you and your WWEmons put up a stiff resistance against it. Having freed the Tower of most of its evils, you return to Lilac Town with the true antidote, and are greeted as heroes and saviours of the town.

- On your way back to Verdigris City, you come across a sinister cult which you quickly found out, to your horror, that worships the giant turkey which you’ve just driven out of the Tower at Lilac Town. Also suspecting that the cult has captured several townies from Lilac, you decided to risk infiltrating the cult to find out more about it, and possibly rescue the townies that they’ve kidnapped. Though your cover is eventually blown, you nevertheless succeed in your quest after a confrontation with the evil Archmaster Adamle, leader of the this cult, and defeating in a bizarre WWEmon tag team battle.

- Having rescued the Lilac Townies from the clutches of the WC Cult (as you learned they’re called), you resume your journey back to Verdigris City, where you find out that the Leader of the SHW Gym has yet to make a full recovery. The Senior Trainers agreed to allow you to take up residence in the Gym while you wait to claim your Badge, albeit with some reluctance, but you soon grow suspicion of some sinister plot that’s going on between the senior trainers of the Gym, not least because they appeared to have drugged your dinner on the very first night of your stay to keep you asleep, and one of them appear to have been the culprit of an arson which destroyed the drug store in the WWEmon Mansion. Deciding to carry some investigation on your own on the next day, you discover a hidden entrance to an underground level inside the meeting room of the library, where you saw the Senior Trainers of the Gym seem to be holding some sort of secret meeting, but was unable to get close enough to find out what they were up to.
All Hail Stevie Richards: He showed us! We saw!

User Info: GreyCells

5 years ago#5
- Shortly after that, you confirmed the fact that the trainers were trying to drug you by bringing their food and drink samples to the Daycare Centre to be diagnosed. After leaving the DC, you went to the local trading entre looking to trade for some new WWEmons, but accidentally stumble across a group of smugglers doing illegal trading of unlicensed WWEmons. Enlisted by the WWEBI (WWE Bureau of Investigation) to help in cracking this illegal group, you posed as an interested customer and convinced the smugglers to lead you to their base. Your mission was mostly a success, and the smugglers were arrested…..but not before one of the dangerous unlicensed WWEmons known as the monster Abyss was released and escaped after seriously injuring Rob Van Dam.

- As you head back to the Gym, you were challenged by Trainer Zach, a junior trainer of the Super Heavyweight Gym with a personal grudge against you, and one of his friends. It later turned out that Trainer Zach’s friend was in fact in league with the Spirit Squad and their mysterious ‘Boss’, and that the challenge was nothing more than a plot to weaken your WWEmons for capture. Nevertheless, you prevail over the odds and took out most of your opponents, pursuing the last remaining Spirit Squad member, Nicky, into the SHW Gym, where you catch him in the act of trying to steal a precious TM scroll……

You current list of WWEmons:

Paul London
Brian Kendrick
Lil Bastard*
Big Show*
Marcus Cor Von
Rob Van Dam
Mickie James

(Those marked with an * are with you at the moment, the rest are in the Daycare Centre. You can only carry 6 WWEmons with you at a time.)

Last update in previous topic:

Upcomng: next current update......
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User Info: GreyCells

5 years ago#6
as Christian makes a detour around the area where you'd identified as the "pit-trap area", you see Nicky deftly press a button on the control panel beside the throne. You curse as a section of the wall open behind the throne to reveal the hidden exit. You'd guessed wrong at Nicky's intention, and can only watch as Nicky escapes into the opening before Christian can reach him. Fortunately, the exit still stands open by the time Christian reaches it, and you wonder if it's possible to close it from within, but it looks like if there is, Nicky either doesn't know about it or didn't feel it's necessary.

You hurry forward to join your WWEmon as Christian disappears into the new exit in pursuit of Nicky. You still have no idea if there's actually a way out from the prison chamber where Gym Leader Vader had been held captive. It certainly wouldn't make sense for a place meant as a prison to have an alternative exit.....but after all, Trosk had been an outsider to the Gym, so he might not have known of any such exits even if there were one. You can't take the chance.

The passage beyond the exit is dark, but the path is one-way and straightforward, and you feel your way along it relatively quickly despite only having walked down this route once before. Soon, you find yourself at the entrance of what had once been the prison chamber holding Vader, where Christian stands waiting. The chamber is unlit, and Christian wisely stands waiting, wary of an ambush in the dark. Quickly, you fish out your flashlight and shine its light into the room. It looks pretty much like you remember it from your last visit, but you can see no one inside. You can see no other exit, either.

"He might be hidden somewhere." Christian whispers. You nod, taking note of the few places were someone can be concealed. There's the large bed where Vader had once been lying, with straw mats dangling over the sides enough to conceal anyone hiding underneath, and there's the large metal cabinet standing by the far wall. Or he could have opened yet another secret exit and closed it behind him. Either way, you'd need to search the place.

As the two of you step into the room, Chirstian gingerly moves towards the most obvious hiding place, the bed, while keeping an eye on the cabinet, tensed in preparation for any attacks from either of these places. You keep yourself a good distance behind him to stay out of the combat while using your flashlight to illuminate the room. It's only when you feel a flicker of movement from above that you realised you'd made another error, as Nicky drops out of the darkness from over your head and takes you down. You drop the flashlight as you fall and an arm quuickly snakes around your neck and locks you in a chokehold.
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User Info: GreyCells

5 years ago#7
"Stay back!" you hear the villain shout as you feel yourself being dragged back to your feet. The flashlight on the floor still illuminates the room, and you can see Christian stopping in his tracks at Nicky's command. "That's right, you stay right there! if you come within ten feet of me, I'll snap his neck!" Nicky shouts triumphantly. Visibly smothering with rage, Christian watches helplessly as Nicky drags you out of the room back up the dark passage. The hold over your throat is tight, and you're unable to say anything to your WWEmon before you lose sight of him.

Your vision is clear again, as Nicky drags you back into the Throne Room, heading straight for the throne. As you reach the control panel, he loosens he hold on you slightly, allowing you to catch your breath a little as he shoves you forward. "Press the top button in the left panel." he hisses in your ear.

You realize what he's trying to do, as the top button is the one that opens and closes the secret exit. By closing that off, Christian would be trapped in the chamber, allowing ample time for Nicky to escape. At another forceful nudge from the villain, you reach slowly for the button. You can just about reach the buttons in the left panel while he's holding on to you. There're 4 buttons in that penl, and you know that the bottom one opens the pit trap that you once fell into. That's no likely to do you much good now, as both you and nicky are far away from where the pit trap opens. You have no idea what the remaining 2 buttons do.

Will you:

a) Press the first button as he ordered?
b) Push the second button?
c) Push the third button?
d) Try to break free and escape?
e) Others?
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User Info: christian_rox

5 years ago#8
B and pretend our finger slipped...
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User Info: RustyShacklefrd

5 years ago#9
His B

User Info: Sir Slurpee

Sir Slurpee
5 years ago#10
C, no pretending. We're gangsta
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