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Spread no more: Denmark bans Marmite

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User Info: In_Your_House2

6 years ago#1

And there was me thinking the UK had a bad nanny state.
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User Info: blacksmith2345

6 years ago#2
So they're pretty much banning any foreign foods. That makes total sense. The rest of the EU is going to love this.

User Info: Pale Horseman

Pale Horseman
6 years ago#3 wife would go berserk if they banned that stuff over here...
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User Info: fire810

6 years ago#4
what purpose does this serve other than to piss people off and hurt businesses? They also banned Ovaltine ffs.

User Info: spartan911

6 years ago#5
They have a problem with... added vitamins?

User Info: RufusNKenRSTier

6 years ago#6
^ Maybe its a reaction against Scientology :P?
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User Info: Diranosaur

6 years ago#7
spartan911 posted...
They have a problem with... added vitamins?

Added vitamins can actually be bad for your health if you're already getting enough vitamins, but it's still not really a valid reason to ban it.

Seeing as it's Denmark, it's probably because it's foreign. They're not very keen on foreign people there. They do, however, love weed as it's sold openly in Christiania. The only ones who don't like it is the police.
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User Info: LSDXMDMA91

6 years ago#8
What the hell is marmite?
Disclaimer: I do not condone or endorse any of the actions or ideas posted above.

User Info: itcheyness

6 years ago#9
It's British, that's all you need to know to understand why Denmark would ban it.
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the final bahamut 6 years ago#10
It's British, that's all you need to know to understand why Denmark would ban it.

You fail completely at understanding Denmark.

We originally passed this law to prevent candy and fast-food companies from fooling stupid people into believing their crap is healthy. However the government use of it now is probably just an example of them being arsehats. And I'd like to point out that our government is right-wing liberal. Also, you can't buy hash legally anymore because the gov closed down Pusher Street, which means that illegal drugs are now flooding our streets. You can still buy weed safely on Christiania, though, because even the cops now that its a stupid idea to try to stop it.

And while its true that we hate foreigners, we don't hate foreigners whom we can rip off. Hence we like the British and Americans and so forth. Which is why our minister of integration passed a bill saying that people from top OECD countries aren't subjected to the same restrictions as people from other countries. Because that's totally legal.

I can't wait til we get a new, socialist government who will do away with much of our restrictions... nah, I'm just kidding. All our politicians are inept populists.
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