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AARP's ObamaCare Endgame Revealed

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User Info: Ramsfan19

6 years ago#1
We now have a clear picture of the treachery in which AARP has engaged since President Obama took office. The Daily Caller reports that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has granted Medigap policy sellers, including the American Association of Retired Persons, exemption from ObamaCare-mandated federal supervision of insurance premium hikes. "Medigap" is an industry term for a type of coverage that helps pay medical costs not covered by Medicare.

Non-Medigap insurers, not exempted from ObamaCare's rate reviews, must justify rate increases. In effect, the HHS exemption gives AARP the ability to generate profits not achievable by non-exempted competitors.

It's important to remember that AARP helped push ObamaCare through Congress by contributing to a $121 million advertising campaign and paying for millions of dollars worth of Washington lobbying. AARP has betrayed the seniors whose interests the organization allegedly protects and positioned itself to make billions after playing along with the Obama administration's corporatist favoritism.
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User Info: Megumi sama

Megumi sama
6 years ago#2
Medigap is completely voluntary coverage; it is private insurance that is purchased in addition to Medicare coverage that is for procedures that Medicare does not cover. The rate review regulations are designed to prevent abuse of the individual mandate by requiring insurers to submit documentation to justify any single year rate increase of 10% or more. It in no way bans anything, it is a safeguard to prevent the oligopoly that some states have in place from using the lack of reasonable alternatives to jack up rates that do not reflect actual medical costs.

And before this ALL health insurance plans had no safeguards in place to prevent such gouging beyond market forces (and in many ways this seeks to enhance market forces, by forcing insurers to publish significant planned price changes between years so consumers are aware they need to seek out alternative plans before their current coverage has nearly expired.) If this is the AARP making a deal with the devil to protect their products why would that be superior in their minds rather than flexing their muscles as the most powerful lobby with the most reliable voting base and oppose the measure? Don't try to argue that it is because it gives them a market advantage; their competition is other Medigap plans who get all the same benefits, not general private insurance plans.
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